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Chris and Neil are at lunch when the principal comes on the p.a. with daily announcements. He's doing them rap style to better connect to the kids. One of the announcements is about voting for homecoming king and queen. Neil says he's going to nominate Chris. Chris says he'll accept.

Sexy librarian cutaway.

Peter and the guys have taken a mental health day and are hanging at the Clam. Cleveland goes to the washroom because Jerome just put ice in the urinal. While he's gone, Peter remembers it's time for Taco Bell to dump breakfast and they have to go dumpster diving. They leave without Cleveland.

When Cleveland returns, he's upset because they left him with the bill. Jerome gives him a free beer, makes a comment about them always leaving him with the bill, and they bond.

Chris comes into the house and tells Lois, Brian, and Stewie he's running for homecoming king. Lois is concerned, because she's sure he's not going to win. She plans on going to the school tomorrow to be there to comfort him when the announcement is made.

They guys are watching TV when Jerome beeps the horn to pick up Cleveland. Peter is upset Cleveland didn't tell them he was hanging with Jerome.

It's speech time for homecoming king. The winner is announced and Chris wins. Lois can't believe it.

At breakfast, Peter is giddy about Chris winning. Meg tells Brian and Stewie she thinks it's all a set up. Brian says they must find out, so he comes up with a plan.

Cutaway to Stewie telling One Direction spooky campfire stories about a hotel having regular clothes instead of skinny jeans and regular water instead of sparkling water. Simon Cowell is there too, and when One Direction runs off, Stewie tells him a spooky story about tight t-shirts and he runs off as well.

Peter tries to come up with different ways to get Cleveland back to their group, like dancing in front of Cleveland's house, playing a video game Cleveland really likes, putting a tuna fish snack out, but finally Joe says that Cleveland is hanging with Jerome because he's black.

Decembrist cutaway.

Brian and Stewie go undercover at James Woods High School to find out what kind of prank the students are going to play on Chris. Brian starts talking to a couple of seniors and makes Stewie go away because he wants them to take him to the bathroom. He's got sex on his mind. He gets kicked out of the school, and tells Stewie the school has gone to far by posting security guards in the bathroom.

Peter and the guys dress up as famous movie black guys to try to win back Cleveland's favor. They tell him they think he's only friends with Jerome because he's black. Cleveland is ticked and slams the door in their faces, but not before he reminds them that the real reason is they left him with the bill.

Brian and Stewie are watching TV when Tom Tucker breaks to a special about Chris being voted homecoming king as an act of kindness by the cool kids, but it's really a pity vote. Brian doesn't want to tell Chris,

Actor/writer/director cutaway.

Cleveland and Jerome just left a crepe restaurant and Cleveland tells Jerome what Peter and the others said. Jerome tells him he's boring, but he hangs with him anyway because he's black. Cleveland is not happy about that.

Good Year cutaway.

Chris comes into the house acting all crazy, still ego high from being voted king. Brian blurts out the truth. Chris doesn't believe it.

Cutaway to Chris' first kiss from Peter.

Brian and Stewie are at homecoming. Chris is announced as the king and while he's on stage he realizes what Brian and Stewie said was true and admonishes his peers for voting for him to make themselves feel better. He storms off.

Brian and Stewie talk to him outside. Everything is good. Herbert shows up with another boy and tells Chris not to make a scene before walking off.

Cleveland is back. He and Peter play basketball video game. Peter cheats and wins.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 19 Quotes

You know, this is great guys. Drinking and eating garbage. I'm glad we all took a mental health day.


Neil: Well, Chris, looks like another day of nobody joining us for lunch.
Chris: Yeah, we never should have let that blind girl touch our faces.