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Brian takes Stewie to a University library and witnesses a protest against a professor who told someone to have a nice day and they considered it microagression and also because someone put weird on the transgender bathroom. Brian Tweets and gets back into the Twitter game.

He goes to see the Baywatch movie and writes a tweet about Kevin Hart's new movie that's supposed to be funny but is offensive instead and the Twitter world goes crazy and overreacts. They attack Brian at the theater and at home so Peter and Lois ask Brian to move out because they are being ostracized by friends and the community.

Brian goes searching for an apartment and finally finds one.

He's living a lonely sad and pathetic life. All because of one Tweet.


Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 6 Quotes

Lois: What were you thinking writing that Tweet?
Brian: What? It was just a joke.
Lois: Brian, it's not 2005. You can't just go online and say whatever you want.

Cafeteria Kid: Your dog wrote an insensitive Tweet. You can't eat here.
Chris: Uh oh, Meg. It's a sensitivity mob.
Meg: It was just a joke.
Cafeteria Girl: There's no such things as jokes anymore.
Other Cafeteria Boy: Yeah, we live in a post-joke world.