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The Griffins are shopping at a thrift store when Cleveland shows up and then leaves because they don't want to be seen in a thrift store.

Peter puts on a veteran's cap and people start thanking him for being a veteran.

Quagmire is offended that he's pretending to be a veteran until he sees what happens when he wears the special glasses and is convinced it's okay. They start doing other "being a veteran" thing and they are congratulated and thanked and get all kinds of other stuff. Then they get busted because their caps are from Nathan James (which is from The Last Ship) and then are arrested except for Quagmire.

They get sentenced to join the coast guard and have to recite the coast guard pledge.

Quagmire is upset, but they are going to Fort Lauderdale to guard spring break.

The guys don't take it seriously and Quagmire leaves.

The guys overhear a couple of guys they think are planning an attack based on something they hear the guys saying. They keep repeating this as they put what looks like weapons in their van.

They come up with a plan to do something about the frat boys.

They get on the boat and it turns out that the frat boys start attacking. They are about to get killed when Quagmire saves the day and takes down the frat boys.

They get the bomb (because there was a bomb on board too) and save the day -- it's Quagmire that does it again.

Peter gets home and everyone is happy to see him.





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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 14 Quotes

You've never seen a homeless vet, and people are being really nice to me. They open doors for you.


Compared to the Navy the Coast Guard is totally unprofessional and incompetent.