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The first story of Peter's firing comes ala Quentin Tarantino style. Peter kills a guy for his lunch. Peter gets shot and ends up in the hospital. There is a lot of blood, as expected. Peter's family is killed. Peter is about to seek revenge on the brewery for killing his family. He dresses as Ronald McDonald. It's very weird. He gooes up against the Trisha Takanawa times 10 and kills them all in a swordfight and then kills Angela.


Second story is in Wes Anderson's style. It is like Grand Budapest Hotel. It's short and sweet. It's a weird story about a play. And it's stupid.


Third story is in Michael Bay style. Peter is bulked up and throwing kegs onto a truck. Angela is all sexy and fires him. Adam West is president. Peter is asked to save the Seven Wonders of the World. He's joined by Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe. He visits "The Brians" and tells the family about his mission. There's lots of product tie-ins in this episode. The Decepticon comes to challenge Peter and friends. Peter and team fights them. They are there to save the Seven Wonders of the World or something. Peter fights the thing by himself and saves the basilica, but apparently loses his life in the process. He shows up at his own funeral. 


Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 5 Quotes

Opera music makes violence classy.


Wouldn't it be great if Wes Anderson movies were that short?