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Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 30
"Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure"
Original Air Date:

When Stewie finds out his future life is miserable, he attempts to go back in time and change things for the better.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 29
"Bango Was His Name Oh"
Original Air Date:

Stewie convinces Brian to join him on a road trip to San Francisco to search for the man he believes to be his true father.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 28
"Stewie B. Goode"
Original Air Date:

After losing at a swim competition, Stewie attempts to eliminate his rival by blowing up a lifeguard tower. Stewie has a near-death experience that changes him.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 27
"Untitled Griffin Family History"
Original Air Date:

After robbers break into the house, the Griffin family hides in the panic room. While stuck in there, Peter tells the family their history.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 26
Original Air Date:

Peter tries to one-up Joe's home theater system by installing a multiplex in his backyard. When doing so, he disrupts an Indian burial ground and his house is haunted.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 25
"You May Now Kiss The...Uh...Guy Who Receives"
Original Air Date:

Brian's gay cousin Jasper announces he's going to marry his partner at the Griffin's. Mayor West bands gay marriages to cover up another scandal of his.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 24
Original Air Date:

After reading an erotic novel, Peter writes one himself using Carter's money. When Carter gets sued and loses all his money, he's forced to live as a middle-class citizen. Meanwhile, Stewie trains for the Olympics.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 23
"Deep Throats"
Original Air Date:

Meg becomes an intern for Mayor West; Peter and Lois go back to their old folk singing days at a local talent show.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 22
"Sibling Rivalry"
Original Air Date:

When Peter gets a vasectomy, he loses his sex drive, causing Lois to get depressed and gain weight. Meanwhile, Stewie's half-brother Bertram returns to confront him and they have a battle for control of the playground.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 21
"I Take Thee Quagmire"
Original Air Date:

Peter wins a maid for a week on a game show and Quagmire falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Lois stops breastfeeding Stewie, leading to withdrawals.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 20
"Patriot Games"
Original Air Date:

At a high school reunion, Peter tries to impress his fellow classmates. On his way to the bathroom he charges through a crowd and catches the eye of Tom Brady.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 19
"Brian Sings & Swings"
Original Air Date:

After Brian's near-death experience he starts a new life where he ends up with a nightly singing gig with Frank Sinatra Jr. Meanwhile, Meg pretends to be a lesbian to fit in with a new after-school group.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 18
" The Father, The Son, and The Holy Fonz"
Original Air Date:

When Peter's dad visits the family, he attempts to push his religious beliefs on the family. After a mixup with holy water puts Stewie in a bubble, Peter starts his own religion devoted to The Fonz.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 17
"The Fat Guy Strangler"
Original Air Date:

When Lois discovers she has a brother, Patrick, living at a mental institution, she gets him out and moves him in with the family.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 16
"The Courtship of Stewie's Father"
Original Air Date:

Lois thinks Stewie is trying to kill her due to lack of time with his father, so she makes Peter spend more time with Stewie. Meanwhile, Chris befriends Herbert.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 15
"Brian Goes Back to College"
Original Air Date:

After writing a story for a local magazine, Brian gets a job writing for the New Yorker. When he admits he never graduated from college, he's fired, and goes back to school.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 14
Original Air Date:

After a wardrobe malfunction causes the FCC to censor all live broadcasts, Peter creates his own station, "PTV," broadcasting out of his own home.censored.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 13
"Jungle Love"
Original Air Date:

Trying to avoid being hazed at school, Chris runs off to South America. Peter gets frustrated with his new job on the brewery.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 12
"Perfect Castaway"
Original Air Date:

Peter and the guys go fishing and they end up stranded on an island. Rescued by a cruise months later, Peter returns home to find Lois with a new husband.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 11
"Peter's Got Woods"
Original Air Date:

When Brian starts dating Meg's high school teacher, Peter and Brian's friendship gets tested; Brian tries to get the school renamed from James Woods to Martin Luther King Jr.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 10
"Model Misbehavior"
Original Air Date:

Lois fulfills her lifelong dream of being a model. Stewie starts a multi-level marketing company and Brian, desperate for cash for his de-worming medicine, joins as his salesman.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 9
"Breaking Out is Hard to Do"
Original Air Date:

Lois' kleptomania puts her in jail, leaving the Griffin household in chaos. To restore their lives, Peter attempts to break Lois out, only to end up living in hiding in "Asian Town."

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 8
"8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter"
Original Air Date:

Peter runs up a tab at Mort's and to cover his tab, he sells Meg to the Goldmans. Meanwhile, Stewie falls in love with Liddane, his new babysitter.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 7
"Brian the Bachelor"
Original Air Date:

The Bachelorette comes to Quahog and Brian is chosen as a contestant. Though he initially participates just for a free vacation, Brian ends up falling in love.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

After winning a game of Trivial Pursuit, Peter is convinced he's a genius. To prove him wrong, Brian makes him take a test, which actually proves he's mentally handicap.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 5
"The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire"
Original Air Date:

Peter discovers Loretta is cheating on Cleveland with Quagmire and Loretta ends up walking out on Cleveland.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 4
"Don't Make Me Over"
Original Air Date:

When Meg gets turned down on a date, she heads with Lois to the mall for an extreme makeover. Meanwhile, Peter tries to start a band with the guys and when that fails, ends up performing with his family.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 3
"Blind Ambition"
Original Air Date:

After Mort bowls a perfect game and Quagmire gets the key to city for performing CPR, Peter becomes jealous. He tries to get famous by swallowing the most nickels.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 2
"Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High"
Original Air Date:

Brian becomes a substitute teacher at Chris' school and is moved to a classroom of troubled kids. Meanwhile, Chris falls for his new teacher, Mrs. Lockhart.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 1
"North by North Quahog"
Original Air Date:

Peter and Lois go on a second honeymoon. When Peter crashes their car, he poses as Mel Gibson and stays in his hotel suite.

Family Guy Season 4 Quotes

Hi, I'm Wilford Brimley and I have diabetes. It hurts me to pee and it causes me to be short with my family. I can't sleep at night. The other day I stubbed my toe and took it out on the dog. And two weeks ago I ran out of vanilla ice cream and struck my wife. Then I find out my wife has been dead for six years. Who the hell did I hit?

Wilford Brimley

How you uh, how you comin' on that novel you're working on? Huh? Gotta a big, uh, big stack of papers there? Gotta, gotta nice little story you're working on there? Your big novel you've been working on for 3 years? Huh? Gotta, gotta compelling protagonist? Yeah? Gotta obstacle for him to overcome? Huh? Gotta story brewing there? Working on, working on that for quite some time? Huh? Yea, talking about that 3 years ago. Been working on that the whole time? Nice little narrative? Beginning, middle, and end? Some friends become enemies, some enemies become friends? At the end your main character is richer from the experience? Yeah? Yeah? No, no, you deserve some time off