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Paige stresses about telling her parents about her role in Locked. She makes a spreadsheet to convince them that she can do both school and the movie, because her dad is extremely serious about education. Cassie lies about going to class, when in reality, she's going to her mystery job. Paige and Jake nearly have a close moment after he tells her that the agent wants to meet with him about his script.

Nina and Jordan have sex, but things go downhill after they see Barrett's news segment blaming Tangey Turner for seducing him into their hookup (a lie that he doesn't realize Nina leaked to the press). Nina promises him to fix it and make sure Tangey doesn't get all the heat for something they both did.

At Cassie's mystery job with the older rich man Brody, he asks if she can work more. She's hesitant to take on more hours with school, but he offers $50 more per week and she agrees.

Paige struggles to get through security when she gets to set to meet with Nina because she doesn't have her ID. Rainer arrives and waves her through, saying she's going to be a big star. When Paige meets with Nina, Nina wants to check in. She assumed Paige was taking a gap year and didn't realize that Paige wanted to do school and the movie and tells her she has to make a choice between the two.

Nina offers Tangey the main song in Locked in order to keep the peace and drum up good press for the movie. Nina and Tangey's mom-manager agree to let their kids hash out the relationship drama.

Alexis goes to the Locked set and bumps into Paige there leaving her meeting with Nina. She is very snarky and rude to Paige. Alexis goes to confront the director of the movie about giving the lead to Paige and to beg for the role of Paige's sister. She tries to sleep with him, but he turns her down, wanting to take her to dinner instead. She reluctantly agrees. While on set, she also bumps into Rachel, a woman from her past. Alexis tries to convince her to get drinks, but Rachel is a bit icy and hesitant.

Paige lies to her mom and dad, telling them that she and her roommates have a big econ test to study for, when in reality they're going to an industry party for Locked. Later on, while meeting with a stylist to pick her dress for the event, Paige has a breakdown and starts crying about her stress over lying to her parents and having to balance school and the movie. Cassie calms her down and Jake looks concerned.

Later, Jake tells Cassie that he just wants to be friends, clearly not meaning. Her feelings are obviously hurt. Before the event, everyone is getting ready when Paige's mom shows up, having realized she lied about the test. But instead of being angry, Paige's mom is extremely excited for her (though worried about breaking the news to her dad). They agree to tell him together, after the party.

Tangey goes to Rainer's house. Rainer expects her to apologize for sleeping with Jordan, but instead, she slaps him and tells him that he lost her long before she slept with Jordan because he was never there for her. Later on, Alexis visits Rainer. He congratulates her on having been offered the role of the sister in Locked. He tells her about Tangey's visit, and she's on Tangey's side, noting that Rainer never really seemed to care about her and that he's not boyfriend material.

That evening, Rainer picks up Paige, Cassie, and Jake so Paige can ride in style to the party. Rainer and Jake are both stunned by how good Paige looks and Rainer and Paige share a moment that Jake notices. Cassie points out that she realizes Jake didn't mean it when he told Paige that he just wanted to be friends, but commends him on doing something nice for her. He regrets doing that, because of Paige's obvious connection with Rainer.

Nina is visited by her old boss (she was his assistant), who criticizes her and wonders how she's getting Locked funded by the studio after her last movie bombed. He promises that their sparring is just getting started.

Jordan is approached by a woman on the street who calls him Jordie. He claims not to recognize her and that she must be mistaken. She's unsure.

At the party, Paige is nervous and Rainer promises that he'll rescue her if she signals him. She tells him she needs to leave by 8:30 to tell her dad the truth. Also at the party, Alexis spots Rachel and apologizes for the mistake she'd once made with her. She kisses Rachel. They tell one another that they missed each other, and Alexis asks for a chance to start fresh. Rachel informs her that she'll see her on set because she was also cast in Locked. Alexis looks uncomfortable.

Rainer and Jordan have a confrontation when Rainer sees Jordan and Tangey talking. Nina breaks it up, informing them that the story will be that Rainer and Tangey broke up a month ago and that Tangey and Jordan never hooked up. Paige overhears Nina telling Rainer that she knows he sleeps with a different girl every night and walks away. Rainer is offended by his mom's belief that he never cared about Tangey.

Paige panics once she's introduced to the crowd of paparazzi. Rainer rescues her when she signals him. Paige enjoys the rest of the party and mingles, but when she tries to leave, Nina tells her she can't yet. Meanwhile, Cassie runs into her client Brody at the party, and Brody almost spills her secret to Jake. Alexis also briefly hits on Jake, likely to stick it to Paige, which Paige sees and is displeased with.

Rainer walks Paige back home and they share a close moment, nearly kissing before they're interrupted by Paige's parents. Paige's mom apologizes and geeks out about Rainer, while her dad is just pissed off. During the confrontation after Rainer leaves, Paige's dad tries to demand that she quit the movie, but Paige insists that she's found a way to make both school and the movie work and refuses to give up on her dream. Her dad leaves, still angry.

At her apartment, Jake and Cassie comfort Paige. When they step away, Paige sees a call from Alexis on his phone. She picks up and, in Spanish, pretends to be Jake's wife and tells Alexis to stop calling him.

Nina is visited by her old boss Alan Mills, who informs her that he's once again her boss, having been made the head of Gold Brothers, the movie studio financing Locked. He plans to make her life a living hell. 

Cassie goes to work at Brody's where it's revealed that she's being paid to clean his house topless. 

Jordan receives a text from an unknown number, with an old photo of him in a football jersey, asking "Do you want the press to find out about you?"

Paige goes to lunch with her parents. Her dad is still angry at her, but he cools off after a starstruck fan asks Paige for her autograph and Paige promises that she'll do whatever it takes to stay in school and do the movie. He asks her what the book is about.

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Famous In Love Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I think it's a little scary how I can interpret your Paige-speak.


Paige: I need to finish my spreadsheet before my parents get here later.
Cassie: Paige, it's not like you're telling them you're becoming a sister-wife. You landed the lead in a huge movie. How mad can they get?