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In the middle of the night, Mel arrives and surprises Ruby.

Jasper's having breakfast and Elena brings him a requested bottle of vanilla cream soda. He tells Elena about his life, but she is distracted by the sight of Ruby and Mel walking by.

Elena explains to Ruby that she didn't bring Mel to her, that on Fantasy Island the spirits of dead loved ones come back as real as life on the Dias de los Muertos. Ruby realizes that means that Mel must've died and weeps with grief.

Elena returns to Jasper. It turns out that Jasper has passed as well and is stuck in a purgatory. He wants to go to heaven. Elena tells him that he has 24 hrs.

Ruby returns to Mel and tells him they have one day.

Javier brings Ramon who has been hired to paint the gazebos. He spots Jasper at the pool and threatens to kick his ass for cheating him out of a lot of money when he was alive in Miami.

Jasper steals a golf cart and runs away.

Ramon asks Elena about Jasper. He tells her about his past with Jasper and tells her he isn't interested in putting the past to rest.

Elena meets Javier at the hacienda to mourn their dead. Javier calls out to his friend, Danny.

Javier asks Elena who she would bring back. She says her cousin Fernando.

Ruby and Mel hang out on a private beach. Mel wants to know if she's found someone new. Ruby tells him he's dead. Mel's upset and refuses to believe her.

Jasper's golf cart has issues. Elena asks him to come with her so he can figure out how to get unstuck.

She brings him to his gallery space which he tries to escape. He freaks out because this was his purgatory.

Elena fills the gallery with items of his past sins, including Ramon's forged art. Jasper tries to justify it all but ends up falling through the floor and lands at the feet of Ramon.

Ramon refuses to forgive Jasper.

Segundo counsels Elena to be cautious about calling Fernando back. Ruby arrives, distraught that she can't find Mel. Segundo and Elena warn her that spirits who don't accept their death can become angry and lost.

Mel storms through the jungle. He hears Jasper shouting at God. They introduce themselves and decide to do some golfing.

Javier finds Danny fishing near his place. They reunite with emotion. Javier shows her pictures of her daughters and her husband's new wife as well when she asks.

Javier tries to ask for forgiveness but Danny tells him there's nothing to forgive, that he needs to move on.

Elena calls to Fernando.

Jasper and Mel talk about their issues. Ruby finds them and Mel apologizes for running off.

Jasper asks Elena to help him resolve the problems with Ramon. She sets up the gallery space with Ramon's artwork. Jasper admits that he saved everything Ramon ever threw out. He tells Ramon that he has a gift and he shouldn't waste it painting houses.

Mel and Ruby discuss his passing and their life together. For a moment, Mel and Ruby become old and talk about their memories and their kids and grandchildren.

Danny and Javier take one last walk together. Danny encourages him to live his life if he really cares for her.

Jasper waits for midnight on the beach and Ramon comes to see him. They reconcile. Ramon stays with him until midnight. Jasper tells him he's no longer afraid and disappears in a flash of light.

Mel points out that now that he's dead, Ruby's no longer married, and she should move forward with Gina.

As the clock ticks over to midnight, Mel disappears.

Elena starts putting away her shrine and a wind kicks up. She is cut by a flying branch, and, when the wind dies down, all the roses have gone black.

Elena brings Javier pastries in the morning. She asks about Danny. He explains how Danny died and why he feels guilty for her death. He also tells Elena how he feels about her, leaving Elena stunned.

Ruby and Elena meet up at the dock and share a moment. Ramon is leaving and Elena lets him know to expect a call from a New York gallery.

Ruby and Elena make plans for dinner. Ruby finds a letter from her great-uncle that warns her to leave Fernando alone. Elena reveals that she did refuse the island's responsibility which forced her cousin Fernando into the job but the island didn't want him and he died, blaming Elena.

Ruby and Elena talk of other things like her great-uncle and his right hand, Tattoo.

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

This is not the highway to heaven.


Jasper Dawson, where are your manners? Where I'm from, we say that you are a man by birth, but you're a gentleman by choice.