An Amazing Adventure - Fantasy Island
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The newest set of guests arrive on Fantasy Island. 

Daphne and Zev are a thrill-seeking couple who have built their lives without commitments so they can travel and go on adventures. They say that they came to the island searching for their next "ultimate" adventure, but they've really come hoping to reconnect. 

On Fantasy Island, they switch bodies and experience life as each other so they can finally understand what they're feeling. 

We also meet Brent Lee, a man who has been sleeping on Fantasy Island for 35 years to avoid dealing with the loss of a loved one. He has finally woken up for the compulsory 48 hours he must spend awake on the island every five years. As soon as he wakes up, he is already waiting to go back to sleep.

His resignation to the loss also stirs up some of Elena's painful past. 

This is also the start of Ruby's life on the island. She and Elena finally get some much needed "girl time" -- something that clearly makes Elena uncomfortable. Ruby settles into life on the island easily and is very helpful and intuitive in helping the guests. She is essentially Elena's right hand woman but must figure out what she is meant to do on the island.

The tension between Javier and Elena grows even thicker, hinting at possible feelings between the two. 

Daphne and Zev's comedic situation reaches a breaking point when they learn that they're expecting a baby which could threaten their independent lifestyle. Daphne, after existing in Zev's body for a few days, finally has the confidence to go after a promotion at work and fears that a baby could threaten that. Zev promises they will split the parenting responsibilities 50/50 but Daphne insists that mothers always end up taking on more of the burden. 

They eventually decide to keep the baby and stay together, and Zev decides to be a stay at home father. 

Brent finally decides to leave the island after having a meaningful talk with Elena. She comisserated his loss and revealed that she once hurt someone she loved too. Her interest in his case shows she's still struggling with her own past, but Brent's decision to leave makes her feel just a bit better. 

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

On Fantasy Island, you’ll find it’s best to meet people where they’re at without judgment.


Every fantasy runs its natural course and your's has just begun.