Back in Time - Fantasy Island
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Elena is a little awkward with Javier to start. Ruby notices.

Isabel Marshall arrives, feeling a little queasy from the flight. She vomits and, after recovering, she tells Elena and Ruby that she wants to have the courage to live in the real world instead of hiding in her books.

Ruby shares her love of reading and Isabel recommends R.S. Coldwater's Agnes series and pulls them out of her bag to lend to Ruby. Isabel shares that Agnes was the first woman she ever fell in love with.

Elena hands Isabel a letter and leads her to a door where her fantasy begins. Isabel walks through and finds herself in the world of R.C. Coldwater, where she meets Rachel, whom Agnes is based on. Isabel's letter introduces her as Reggie Coldwater's cousin from New York.

Elena meets Brian Cole in a deserted area of the island where he asks for a fantasy that tests his survivalist skills like nothing he's ever undertaken before. Elena takes his gear and directs him to the start of his trail which he'll tackle with only a machete. He reminds her that he wants no help.

Isabel is shown her room and when Rachel gives her a kiss on the cheek, she returns it on the lips, which surprises Rachel.

Brian sets up camp for the night and starts a fire. His machete goes missing and he calls out to see who is out there.

Isabel goes exploring and discovers that Rachel actually writes the Agnes books for her husband to copy and publish as his own work. Rachel comes in and Isabel hides while Rachel burns the originals. When she is discovered, Isabel confronts her with the knowledge that Rachel is R.S. Coldwater, not Reggie.

Rachel explains that the publisher won't publish a woman author so she swears Isabel to secrecy.

Brian stops a young man from drinking from a contaminated pond by hitting him with a stone. When he gets a good look at him, Brian realizes the boy is himself.

Isabel asks Rachel what she's writing and recognizes the love scene she describes. They flirt intensely over a peony blossom.

Elena pops in to check on her and to remind her what her goals are.

Brian and his younger self argue. A lot.

Reggie is beating Isabel at cards when a man bursts into their sitting room. It's the publisher, Walsh, who is thoroughly gross in demeanor and attitude.

Young Brian asks about Hope Emory and Brian informs him that they got married. He's excited until Brian also tells him they're divorced.

They have an altercation, and Brian falls and is injured.

Elena appears and offers help but Brian still doesn't want it.

At dinner, Mr. Walsh broaches the rumor that Reggie isn't writing the novels, but instead fronting for Rachel. He tries to force Reggie to discuss the newest novel. Isabel rescues him by bringing the manuscript to him and answering Walsh's questions.

Brian talks his younger self through a rescue.

Rachel cleans up the fireplace where she burned the original manuscript to get rid of the evidence. Isabel joins her and they discuss freedom.

Walsh bursts in, having eavesdropped on the conversation, and threatens to end their contract immediately. Isabel uses the information she knows about the historical Walsh to blackmail him into keeping Rachel's contract as well as improving his mistress's living situation. He is forced to agree.

Young Brian can't free Brian from the boulder that has his leg trapped but isn't giving up.

Ruby comes into Elena's office to rave about the Agnes novels. When she leaves, Elena scrambles to continue reading her own copy of the novel.

Rachel visits Isabel in her room to thank her for solving the Walsh issue. They kiss and spend the night together.

After Rachel sneaks back to her room in the morning, Elena visits Isabel, startling her. Isabel expresses a desire to bring Rachel to the present with her. Elena disappears while Isabel is sorting out the plan.

Elena fetches Ruby from her room for a job.

Young Brian demands to know why Brian is constantly putting himself in danger. Brian reveals that a few months in Young Brian's future, a group of bullies will kidnap him and leave him stranded in the Adirondacks without a coat or gear. Brian admits that he never got over that experience and has been trying to prove himself tougher than the elements ever since. They embrace with understanding and Brian opens his eyes and finds himself alone on top of the cliff he fell off of, uninjured.

Isabel is about to ask Rachel to come with her when Ruby arrives, in period costume. When Rachel leaves to arrange for dinner, Ruby reminds Isabel that if she takes Rachel out of her time, the Agnes novels will never be completed and the path Rachel starts for women's independence will never come to be.

They leave without saying goodbye to Rachel. Elena is concerned at Isabel's expression upon her return.

Brian emerges from his trail and is grateful to Elena for giving him the chance to reconnect with the boy he was.

Ruby discusses the twist ending to the last Agnes novel where Agnes' lover returns after suddenly disappearing. Elena offers Isabel the chance to step back into Rachel's world and live out her life in the past. Isabel jumps at the opportunity and disappears into history.

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Real life can be intimidating. Getting lost in a good book? I mean, shoot, there's nothing better. Especially if it's romance.


Isabel: I need to get a life, and I need to get my nose out of books. And I've tried before, but the world... it's SO MUCH. And books are where I feel safe.
Elena: You don't feel safe in the real world?
Isabel: I feel out of step, like I don't really belong. And I'm worried my whole life is one big 'no, thank you' when I want it to be a 'YES'!