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Elena wakes up in bed with James and finds it snowing outside.

Alison explains to Richard why she wanted the fantasy Christmas.

Nathan and Maya walk on the beach. He explains all the things being a dog taught him. Maya tells him Tony fixed the device and no one is being harmed by it now. Maya gets a text from Tony. Nathan asks why he calls her, "honey" in the text.

Maya admits that she and Tony are together now. Tony arrives and reveals that Maya has divorce papers for Nathan to sign.

The Christmas tree at the Snowglobe Inn is crooked and the lights burn out the fuse and the decorations are locked up. Richard promises to make it work out for Alison.

The innkeeper puts Richard to work.

Nathan signs the papers and walks off.

Segunda finds Elena and advises her to put James back before things go too crazy.

Nathan asks to be re-dogged. James shows up with Ruby. Elena is conflicted. Ruby's tattoo is tingling.

Nathan returns to his cabana and finds some of his papers, realizing something.

Ruby has Dr. Gina look at her tattoo. She takes the opportunity to ask Gina about her hobbies. She's looking for phonograph needles.

Richard manages to liberate the decorations and admits he's being infected with the Christmas spirit.

Elena and Alison discuss her fantasy. Alison's okay with Richard.

Javier and Ruby discuss their gift problems.

James asks if Elena's met anyone new since they parted and she admits she has feelings for Javier.

Elena and Ruby discuss Elena's dilemma.

Ruby finds phonograph needles in a box of things from Mel.

Maya goes to find Nathan to say goodbye. Nathan pulls her in and points out something in his papers, telling her it was Tony all along.

Alison talks Richard through the conclusion of their Christmas movie. When she cues him for a proposal, he hesitates and announces that he's been lying to her.

Tony walks by Ruby and her tattoo sparks suddenly.

James and Javier meet.

Nathan shows Maya that Tony cut corners which led to the deaths and then let Nathan's design take the blame.

Richard admits that he came from an impoverished background. Alison proposes to him.

Ruby interrupts James and Elena to tell Elena that her tattoo is warning her that there's someone on the island who shouldn't be there.

Tony confronts Nathan and Maya, demanding the papers that could prove he was at fault for the deaths. He pulls a gun. When he fires it, it pops a poinsettia instead.

Elena tells Tony he is not welcome on the Island.

James and Elena settle where they stand, relationship-wise. She sends him home through the Snowglobe Inn and then takes a snowglobe from the table and leaves.

At the Christmas party, gifts are exchanged. Elena's stolen snowglobe is of a mango tree for Segundo. Gina gives Javier some fuzzy dice. Javier reveals that he's restored Elena's great-uncle's chair for her. Segundo give Ruby a picture of the original Mr. Roarke sitting in that very chair. Gina loves the needles and Ruby has the phonograph brought to the party so she can play some of her favorite vinyl.

Nathan and Maya will stay on longer to reconnect.

Richard and Alison decide to leave the executive life and open a small B&B together.

Gina and Ruby find themselves under the mistletoe and kiss.

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I'll keep trying to save Christmas if it makes you laugh like that.


Nothing helps make things clearer than a little physical labor

Grandpa Owen