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Elena wakes Ruby up on the beach, where she slept on a lounge chair hoping to see Isla.

Ruby’s sad that Isla’s ghosting her. Elena advises her to recognize Isla’s behavior as indicative of the type of person she is.

Javier and the staff help Laura Turner out of the plane. She’s hampered by a huge wedding dress.

Laura’s been jilted and is very unhappy. She’s brought no luggage.

They sit down to talk. Laura explains her groom-to-be, Brad, never showed up at their wedding three days ago and had texted that he couldn’t marry her. Ruby recounts how she locked herself in the bathroom three days before her wedding over the color of the napkins at the reception.

While Laura talks to them, her phone keeps ringing. She keeps ignoring the calls. She says it’s her parents trying to find her and she doesn’t want to be found by them because they’re divorced and still fight over her affections and attention. It’s been this way since she was twelve. Back then, her only comfort was an imaginary friend named Peaches. Her fantasy is to feel completely loved.

Javier runs into Elena on the beach. He has Laura’s veil in his hands, returning it after she’d left in on the plane. Elena invites him to a friends dinner to cheer up Ruby. It’ll just be her, Javi, Ruby, and Segundo. He accepts.

Ruby drops Laura off at her suite. Laura sits down on her bed, feeling depressed. Suddenly a giggle is heard and a hand reaches out from under the bed and grabs her leg. Laura screams and jumps away. A girl with braided hair pops out. Laura recognizes her as Peaches, her childhood imaginary friend.

They reunite with great joy and a lot of happy screaming.

Peaches insists on knowing what’s wrong since Laura only needs her when things are going badly. Laura tells her about being jilted and Peaches is sympathetic but certain things will turn around now that they’re together again.

The room changes to look like Laura’s teenage bedroom. Peaches decides they should go to the pool and drink root beer floats.

They order their root beer floats with vodka and trash talk Brad for a while. When the floats arrive, Laura asks for a pair of scissors. They go down to a secluded part of the beach and she takes her dress off and starts cutting it to pieces.

Elena invites Ruby to the dinner. Ruby accepts and tells her she saw Laura with a new friend. Elena explains that it’s an old friend, Peaches. Ruby’s happy Laura has her wingman and expresses gratitude to Elena for being hers. Elena looks a little uncomfortable, knowing she’s the reason Isla’s no longer around.

Peaches is dancing around as Laura cuts up the dress when Laura makes a distressed noise. She’s holding a blue ribbon that was a part of Brad’s grandmother’s wedding dress. He wanted it to be a part of Laura’s dress as the “something blue” from tradition. Laura starts crying and telling Peaches about how wonderful Brad is.

Peaches is at a loss. Laura sinks to her knees, gathers up the dress pieces, and bawls for Brad. Peaches holds her, trying to comfort her.

Isla finds Ruby on the beach. She tells Ruby she loves her even though she has to stay away from her.

Laura wakes up with Peaches’s feet in her face. She discovers her bedside table has everything she used to keep close as a teen, including the BFF necklace she shares with Peaches. The phone rings and in quiet tones to avoid waking Peaches, she agrees to “be right there”. Peaches wakes up as she leaves.

Laura meets up with Elena. Elena points the way into the meeting room where Laura’s parents are waiting. Her mother asks her who Peaches is.

At breakfast, her mother tells her how she called all the family and dealt with the tears over the failed wedding. Her father explains how he dealt with the wedding vendors and that he has a lawyer on retainer. He wants her to right down all the hurtful things Brad’s ever done to her so they can sue. As her parents argue, Laura’s distracted by someone throwing berries at her head.

Laura excuses herself when she realizes Peaches is the one throwing berries at her. They go off. Laura is mad at Peaches for calling her parents. Peaches explains she didn’t know what else to do when Laura had her meltdown.

Peaches thinks this is a good opportunity for Laura to tell her parents how she really feels. Laura gives that a hard pass and tells Peaches to go away.

Ruby and Isla wake up in bed together. Ruby asks why she stayed away. Isla tells her it was Roarke. Ruby doesn’t understand and demands answers. Isla tells her that the Roarkes and her people have long difficult history.

Peaches sneaks into Laura’s room and grabs her diary and the key.

Ruby confronts Roarke. Roarke tries to warn Ruby that Isla is dangerous. Ruby calls her a liar. She storms away.

Elena’s sitting alone with some wine when Javier arrives for dinner. She explains that Ruby and her had a disagreement. Javier insists she explain what happened.

Segundo arrives but makes himself scarce when he sees them sitting together.

Laura returns to her room and finds a note from Peaches, asking her to meet her at the beach bar.

Laura arrives for the “True Storytelling Event” and finds Peaches reading her diary into the mic as her parents listen.

Laura grabs the diary and runs off. Her parents follow. Her mother asks if she still feels that way about them. She tells them they’ve ruined her life and she hates them both. She runs away, leaving them stunned.

The sun’s gone down and Elena and Javier are still talking. They’ve had a good time talking and drinking. Javier gets up to leave and they hug. And hug again. And start kissing.

Peaches finds Laura on the beach in the dark, reading her diary. Laura reveals the reason Brad jilted her was she tried to change the song they were going to have their first dance to because her mom was upset due to the fact her father’s second wife liked it.

She admits that she’s always tried to put her parents’ feelings first to keep them from leaving her. She knows she needs to create boundaries with them if she’s ever going to move on with her own life. She’s afraid she’ll never be able to do it. Peaches reassures her that she’s got it.

She and Peaches reconcile.

Peaches preps her to confront her parents. Laura’s ready and heads out only to find her parents about to knock on her door. Peaches has disappeared. Her parents come in and want to listen to her. They realize they’d ruined her wedding.

Elena wakes up on a lounge. She and Javier acknowledge they slipped up on the “just friends” thing.

Javier’s realized that what Elena did for Ruby – protecting her despite Ruby not wanting or asking for it – is what she’d done for him, removing herself so he could get to know Helene better.

He reminds her that he and Ruby aren’t guests and she doesn’t get to make decisions unilaterally for them.

Ruby and Isla are together in the water. Isla is sharing the feeling of the water’s power with Ruby. Ruby wants to know if she and Isla can be together forever. Isla tells her she would have to become a mermaid too. It has to be Ruby’s choice.

Laura shows her parents the cut up wedding dress. She explains it symbolizes her life. She didn’t want a fancy dress. She wanted something simple. She and Brad wanted a simple wedding but her mother wanted St. Peters and a designer dress. Her father then booked Tavern on the Green.

Laura finally expresses her anger at how her parents have made her choose between them and compromise her wants for their needs ever since they divorced. Peaches cheers her on from the background.

Her mother apologizes and hugs her. Her father calls Brad and apologizes to both of them. They promise things will change. Laura tears up and thanks him. Peaches celebrates with a happy dance.

In her room, Laura’s packing to leave. She promises Peaches she won’t forget her again. They do their special handshake but Peaches disappears on the hug move. Laura realizes her BFF heart necklace is now a complete heart.

Elena knocks on Ruby’s door and apologizes for lying and interfering. Ruby tells her Isla has asked her to join her as a mermaid. Elena states her belief that it’s a bad idea but allows that it is Ruby’s decision.

Elena gives Ruby a ride to the dock to bid Laura’s parents goodbye. They’ve arranged for Brad to join Laura on the Island.

Melanie and Arthur leave. Brad and Laura head to the resort.

Left alone, Elena asks Ruby what color napkins she ended up having at her wedding. Ruby has completely forgotten about the meltdown she told Laura and Elena about when Laura first arrived. She’s even forgotten about Mel and her wedding. Elena jogs her memory and she recalls Mel with some difficulty. She walks away, leaving Elena looking very troubled.


Fantasy Island
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Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Elena: So what can the Island do for you, Laura?
Laura: Well, I’ve never felt more alone. Or unloved. So, my fantasy would be to feel loved. Completely.
Elena: I understand. Completely.

Ruby: Why does she keep ghosting me?
Elena: I don’t know, Ruby. But my advice? When someone shows you who they are, you believe them.