Entering Alex's World  - Fatal Attraction
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We see Alex's first day at the courthouse, and she meets Clay for the first time. He helps her when she's lost.

Clay and others watch Dan in court and aren't impressed by him.

Alex meets Emma, her neighbor for the first time. She also goes out on a date with Clay. She regales him with a story, but he catches her in a lie, and she blows up and gets rude with him because he caught her, making their date awkward even though he works to smooth things over.

He brings her to the rooftop to show her his favorite space. She gets emotional when he talks about it being a beautiful place and they share a moment.

Alex is rude to Emma and gets angry at her when Emma left to support her actual daughter.

Clay tries to talk to Alex about her behavior and her reminding him of things with is mother and genuinely wanting to help her, but she pushes him away.

In the present, Mike goes to see Ruth and get information in legal aide about the person who Alex had a relationship with before. He and Ruth have a history.

Mike goes to see the bailiff, but it doesn't go over well either.

Emma sees Dan when he leaves Alex's apartment after their fight. She goes to check on Alex afterward, but  she comes near the door but doesn't open it so Emma leaves.

Earl gets the case and shows up at Alex's apartment to see the blood stain but no body or weapon. Emma called in for a wellness check.

Earl tells Dan that Alex made a complaint that Dan assaulted her. He gives him the heads up and tells him they have to get in front of it.

Dan tells Earl that Alex is a stalker. He then lies and tells Earl that he doesn't know where Alex lives and was at home the previous night. Earl plays it off, but he doesn't believe him and brings up that Dan's prints are all over Alex's house.

He then tells Dan that Alex is dead.

Dan tells his boss about Earl thinking he's the suspect in Alex's death, and he wants her to call Earl's boss to get him in line.

Conchita says she'll help him but wants to know the truth about everything and Dan still lies to her face and plays the victim, acting as if she's wrong for accusing him.

Conchita calls in the security and has him escorted out of the building and take all of his things because she can tell he's lying.

Dan enlists help from his defense attorney friend. She tells him that she doesn't want his case because she doesn't want to go after the victim. She gives him refrences.

Dan and Mike go to Elijah, the guy who was the food delivery person, to ask why his prints were in her apartment.

While there, they get some weed for themselves.

While hanging out with stella, she asks Ellen if Dan really killed Alex and brings up the rabbit hole she fell down looking into the case and wondered why Dan never said his alibi was home.

Beth asks her father for money for Dan's defense, and he's irate and doesn't want to help. Arthur and his wife are the ones who help and give money.

Mike and Dan meet with Clay in the present to hear about his relationship with Alex. He tells them that he messed things up when he didn't handle her mental health issues well because he could tell she had them but he went about approaching hers the wrong way.

Dan interrogates him about not coming forward, and Clay goes off on him for always professing to be the voice of the victims and vilifying her for being mentally ill. He was glad that the jury saw Dan for who he really is.

Mike goes to a retirment party and sees Earl there. He brings up the case of the delivery boy Elijah bludgeoning his father and getting away with it, then tells Earl that Elijah's prints were in Alex's apartment as a dig at Earl never looking into that further at the time.

Ellen talks to her mother about what Stella said. She also watches as her friend falls back into the habit of sleeping with the professor again.

Artem, the abusive husband of the woman Alex was trying to help before she died, attacks Dan at Mike's house and drunk Mike stops him.

In the past, Dan dreams about Alex leading him away from his house. He wakes up to banging on the door. Earl and the cops are there to arrest him.


Fatal Attraction
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Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Emma: Joanna's in her third trimester with a toddler. So when she calls for reinforcements, Mom has to answer. But I'm really sorry about that if you needed me.
Alex: I don't care what you are. I don't care about you at all.

Clay: You dropped out of law school? I thought you said you graduated.
Alex: Did I? So. You didn't even go.
Clay: I know. I'm not saying I care.
Alex: Good, because why would you care? It's like none of your business.
Clay: It really isn't.