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A family is brutally gunned down my a man we later learn is called Walker.

Remy realizes his mother is declining and he tells his sister they need to look into assisted living for her.

He goes to work and realizes the severity of the case.

Barnes returns and he tells her the team dynamic has changed thanks to what has happened.

Duante is Walker's friend, who is going along with the mission... for now.

When Duante rushes off, his friend shoots him and he calls the cops.

Duante tells the team everything and that Walker plans to sell the weapons to someone named Teddy.

Remy goes undercover and tries to buy weapons himself and notices the suitcases. However, the people take his money and tell him to leave.

The gang manages to get the weapons and take down Walker but one of them is missing and they track it to a man who wants revenge for the death of his daughter.

They manage to find and disarm the man.

Remy questions sending his mother to an assisted living facility because he thinks it might be too much.

In the end, he has some food for thought when he sees her working.


FBI: Most Wanted
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