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OA was feeling completely underappreciated as Dana only seemed interested in listening to Maggie's ideas on a radioactive murder victim case. As if that didn't make things difficult enough, Maggie and OA stood on different sides of more than just one issue, even though they didn't let it get in the way of their investigation. It would certainly help if their motivations and how they came to be FBI agents was brought to light. It's getting a bit difficult to care about the core characters when nothing about their pasts or home lives is being revealed. Though Maggie does spend some time revealing how her husband died to OA and gives some insight into how she is still reeling from the loss. So maybe the radioactive case was good for something more than just action. Jubal is another character that requires at least a little more information on his background. He has clearly been with the FBI for a while and doesn't spend much time at home, but this episode revealed that there is definitely a deeper connection between him and Kristen. The two are able to seamlessly communicate profiles on their suspects and they also seem to be able to communicate with each other silently.

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FBI Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Maggie: Wait! Wait, I want to see her face.
Plant Owner: Don't get too close. She's radioactive.
Maggie: How did that happen?
Plant Owner: There was a problem with the fuel pools last night.
Maggie: Fuel Pools?

Jubal: Alright, so a murdered investigator and her fugitive boyfriend tried to sabotage a nuclear power plant. It didn't work.
Kristen: Got an APB out on Jake Fletcher.
Jubal: He'll pop his head up.
Dana: Hopefully before it's too late. Alright, what do we know about whistleblowers?
Maggie: Well, we know they get attacked from every side.
Dana: Friends, even family turn against them from the fallout. They feel persecuted.
OA: Persecuted? He dumped state secrets to the public.
Maggie: Sometimes the public needs to know.