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Frank Leone, an accountant, is executed by two men. Leone's wife is elusive. She says he only had one client but she didn't know his name. She suspects the client was involved in drugs. She gives his laptop to Nina and OA. His client is the gangster, El Feo. He's under investigation by a Department of Justice grand jury, to which Leone testified. Tiffany and Scola find the jury member who leaked Leone's testimony tortured and killed. Tiffany says she worked with a cop who was a cousin of El Feo. Surveillance enables Kelly to identify one of the shooters, Marcus Thierre. He escapes when the team goes to pick him up. The ex-cop, Ralphie, is now running a hardware store. Tiffany convinces Ralphie, a "flopped cop," to wear a wire to help take down El Feo. Scola is skeptical about Ralphie's ability to do what they need him to do. Still, he backs Tiffany's plan with Isobel. The other shooter, Junior Ruiz, is at El Feo's house. Ralphie plants a bug on a photo frame. El Feo doesn't believe Ralphie is ready to work for him. Ruiz almost catches Ralphie cloning a burner phone in El Feo's office. Tiffany and Scola pick up Thierre who went out to get diapers for his daughter. Looking for a deal, he identifies Ruiz as the other shooter and tells them where they dumped the guns. Ruiz is killed off with a staged overdose. El Feo is gone when Nina and OA go to arrest him. Tiffany thinks El Feo has gone fishing. Tiffany and Scola find blood on Ralphie's car. Ralphie is holding El Feo at gunpoint. Tiffany is forced to shoot Ralphie and Scola shoots El Feo when he grabs Ralphie's gun. Scola tries to console Tiffany afterward.

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FBI Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Leone was a good guy. He just got stuck at the intersection of greed and stupidity.

U.S. Attorney Chan [to Isobel]

Tiffany: You don't miss much.
Witness: I'm an artist. Details are my life.
Tiffany: Ours too.

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