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Kelly is running late because he had coffee thrown on him. Then he walks in on an armed bank robbery. He texts Jubal to let him know. Ian hacks the bank's security system. Kelly tells the two robbers that he doesn't have his phone. They're after something in a safe-deposit box. The box has a biometric lock. FBI and NYPD shows up. Isobel sends Jubal to the scene. The box belongs to Rafael Salazar. The robbers are Salazar's son and daughter-in-law, Marco and Jennifer. Marco demands a locksmith from negotiator Scola. Maggie and OA break into the Salazar home. They find a beaten Rafael's body. Marco threatens to shoot Kelly if there isn't a locksmith there in 15 minutes. Jubal goes in pretending to be the locksmith. Jubal can't get Marco to go near the window for the sniper. Ian is going to have to walk Jubal through it. Marco and Jennifer are under some kind of deadline. Salazar may be laundering money from Colombia. Surveillance shows that two cartel thugs are holding their daughter Ella to get the stolen money from Rafael's safe-deposit box. Jubal warns Kelly off from trying anything. Jubal types in the override code wrong. Marco attacks the box with a crowbar which causes the security grid to slam into place. Isobel sends Maggie and OA to attempt to rescue the Salazars' daughter. Jubal gets hit and his earpiece comes out. Jubal gets made. He tells the robbers that they're trying to rescue their daughter. Marco sets his gun down and the bank manager goes for it, then Jennifer wounds him, making a bad situation worse. Maggie and OA rescue Ella but she's heavily sedated. Marco and Jennifer want to talk to her. Kelly reveals himself to distract them, then the team breaches the bank. 

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FBI Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Just get us that locksmith. If he does what he is supposed to do, everyone lives. If not, everyone dies.

Marco [to Scola]

Marco: How do you know my name?
Scola: We're the FBI, Marco. We know a lot of things.