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On this episode of Fear the Walking Dead…

Ofelia and Daniel capture a soldier to get information and bring back Griselda.

Madison agrees to let Daniel torture him for info and they learn that “Cobalt” is when the military leaves and kills everything else.

Travis tries to talk with Moyers. He is eventually taken on a trip to see the doctor, but they are sidetracked by walkers. Moyers doesn’t make it.

Liza tries to help the sick, and she learns that the dead rise and must be shot in the head to keep them down.

A smooth-talking Strand makes a deal to save Nick, as he prepares to execute his master plan and escape the facility.

Alicia and Chris try on people’s clothes and trash their home.

Travis is upset with Madison working with Daniel, but he learns the truth about Cobalt.

Daniel comes upon the locked stadium that has hordes of walkers trapped inside.

Fear the Walking Dead
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