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On this episode of Fear the Walking Dead…

Travis, Madison, and Nick pick up Alicia, who has gone to see Matt.

Matt is sick and was bitten. He tells Alicia to leave.

The family arrives home, and Travis decides to leave to find his son, Chris.

He manages to reach his ex, Liza, and the two head into the city to get their son.

A riot starts and the three manage to gain shelter by staying with the Salazar family.

Madison heads to the school to find some drugs to help ween Nick off and prevent him from going into major withdrawal.

She meets up with Tobias who is getting food to bring home. They run into Artie, and Madison is forced to take out the walker.

At the house, Nick has a seizure while trying to deal with the lack of drugs. He prevents Alicia from returning to Matt.

Madison calls Travis, hoping he will come home before they all go the desert.

Fear the Walking Dead
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