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Nick swims up onto a shore where there are a whole bevy of campers and one walker stalking him. It doesn't look like many people survived the camper village because many of them are on fire.

Nick lures the walker to a tent where he kills him. He proceeds to gut him and cover himself in walker guts. Nick seems to like this new power just a little bit too much.

Travis wants to dump Strand's ass into the ocean. Madison thinks they need him, his house and Mexico.

Chris and Ofelia chat about the past. He wonders what she did for herself, like relationships. Chris talks about who he was seeing. Ofelia went to Catholic school.

There is a boat rowing up. They need help. Chris wonders if he should shoot. A pregnant woman, bleeding, just boards. Strand freaks out, gets his automatic weapon ready, calling himself a stupid, paranoid fool.

It's all a ruse. It's Alicia's friend, Jack.

Strand took off in the raft. Jack or the other dude shot the dude and the raft.

Flashback to Strand. His drinking buddy is a well-known actor who's name escapes me. He used to be somebody. Maybe he was in Timeline?

Strand gets the dude into his hotel room and robs him. Nice.

So why saying "don't hurt him" when a guy is holding a gun to someone's head is a good idea is anybody's guess.

Alicia tries to talk some sense into "Jack." They're awaiting Connor, the man who assesses and makes things reasonable. Supposedly he listens to Jack.

Meanwhile, crazy Nick is covered in blood waltzing around land touting it's Your Dream Property. He lumbers up to a walker in his best impression.

Thomas Abigail is the man whose life Strand took. The man from the bar.

The pregnant girl is really pregnant. Lovely.

Alicie wonders how many girls came before her and how many are alive. She admits Strand wasn't any better than Reed, and they've done worst on the boat. Alicia would go back to Jack's base if she could bring her family. If he will protect her family, she'll contribute. He cuts her out of the handcuffs. She hugs him.

Nick's off kicking a basket ball. Looking through houses. Knocking on doors. Someone points a gun at him. Nick says Strand sent him. It's the dude from who was with Abigail. it's an Abigail living experience they're in.

Madison tries to scare the shit out of the pregnant girl. Maybe the baby died insider her and has already turned.

The dude has only money for two to get into Mexico.

Connor arrives on the Abigail. He takes Alicia and Travis.

Luis shoots people on the boat with guns and he and Nick safely enter. He wonders where Strand is. Fled, shot and down. Whoops.

Strand and Thomas Abigail are lovers.

Abigail is trying to stay alive. He is alive when Madison gets to him.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

No, I think your son made the mistake. Should I shoot 'em? Piece of advice, if you have to ask the question, they should already be dead.


Strand abandoned the ship, and they shot at him.