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Travis is taken away by Hector and locked in the dining hall to prevent him from hurting anyone else.

Madison attempts to defend Travis and plea for his release but to no avail. Madison then takes Alicia's knife and stabs Derek in the head to prevent him from returning as an infected, and put Brandon Down as he reanimates.

Madison realizes that Elana will have Travis exiled from the hotel based on the rules set forth by Madison previously regarding violence. Strand tries to tell Madison to let Travis go since he has compromised their situation. Madison decides that if Travis leaves, they will all leave, however Strand tells her that he is not willing to die for them.

Madison meets with Elana and Hector. They come to terms on releasing Travis if they leave by dawn.

Andres performs surgery on Oscar to help relieve pressure on his brain due to his injury from Travis. However, Oscar dies on the operating table. Distraught by losing one of their own, Andres contemplates going after Travis.

Andres and Hector forcibly enter Travis' room and beat him. When Andres pulls a gun on him, Alicia stabs him in the chest. In retaliation, Hector goes after Alicia, but is saved when Strand enters with a gun and forces Hector to flee.

Strand helps Madison and her family escape, however Strand decides to stay behind. Madison, Travis and Alicia speed away, leaving the hotel behind.

At the Colonia, Nick as his bag packed and ready to leave. He tries one last time in convincing Luciana to go with him. She refuses, telling Nick to run as he always does.

Nick leaves, but later returns to visit Alejandro that evening after noticing a medevac helicopter in the distance.

As Alejandro is getting significantly worse from the infection, Nick is able to convince Alejandro to let his people leave the Colonia with him and take them North.

The following morning, Marco and his men arrive. They infiltrate the Colonia through the infected fortress and go through the bus to gain access. However, Nick, Luciana and everyone have already left, with the exception of Alejandro who stayed behind.

When Marco and everyone are distracted by thinking they have won, Alejandro sneaks aboard the bus and drives the blockade as hundreds of infected pour into the Colonia. Marco and his men attempt to fight them off, then decide to retreat but are eventually overwhelmed and killed.

Madison, Travis and Alicia stop at Marco's now empty warehouse looking for a clue as to where Nick could be. Travis finds an address in the pocket of Francisco's body.

When they arrive at the Colonia, they find it overrun with infected, including Marco and his men now reanimated.  Madison finds a dying Alejandro on the bus who with his las breath tells Madison that Nick where Nick was last headed.

Nick, Luciana and the people who fled the Colonia arrive at the border terminal. Nick again sees the helicopter and tells Luciana that there is likely a refugee camp a couple of walking hours away.

Suddenly, a group appears and opens fire on everyone. Luciana is shot as they all take cover. Nick and Luciana are held on the ground at gunpoint.




Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Alejandro: I tried to save us.
Luciana: Well you failed.

We found this place, and we'll find another.