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The episode begins with Strand and Madison, showing how they were able to escape the bar of full of infected. As they fight them off, Madison stabs an infected and uses its blood to camouflage herself and Strand. They are then able to easily sneak out of the bar to safety, closing and barricading the doors behind them.

They exit the hotel to find their truck nowhere to be found. Strand believes Alicia and Ofelia took it, but Madison knows her daughter would not do that.

Madison and Strand discuss that they are stronger together and need to keep it that way. Madison then hears Alicia screaming for help and pounding on a nearby door. Madison runs to her and rescues Alicia, Elana and Hector.

Elena explains to the group that there is food and supplies to sustain them and that they can make the hotel a place to live. However, the keys to the hotel have been turned over to Oscar, the leader of the other hotel faction.

Madison and Strand go to negotiate with Oscar. She explains they have a common interest and if they work together to clear the infected from the hotel, they can live there peacefully and make it a home. Yet, Strand is quick to tell Madison that it will never be his home.

Oscar hesitates, but eventually gives Madison the hotel keys. They all work together to clear the hotel by luring them into the ocean The infected follow Madison off the pier as they all fall into the riptide, pulling them out to sea.

Afterwards they all have a celebratory dinner together. Although, Oscar is missing. Strand goes to look for him and finds that Oscar has been keeping his infected wife Jessica alive in their hotel room.

Strand convinces Oscar to let him put her out of her misery, and help Oscar move on.

At the colonia, Nick helps Alejandro mask their medicine shortage. Using Alejandro's equipment, Nick uses his experience as a junk to work together and create pills out of powdered milk. They hope this will buy them some time.

Afterwards, Nick joins in a game of soccer with Luciana and the local children. A man approaches Alejandro and reveals that Lucian's brother, Pablo, has been killed.

Nick consoles Luciana and they share a brief moment with each other. Later, Nick questions Alejandro on whether he was actually bitten. He explains that he tried to help someone who was being beaten by the mob, and was then beaten himself, and ultimately bitten by the dead.

Alejandro upgrades Nick's living quarters to his own private housing as appreciation for helping with the medicine shortage. That night, Luciana comes to see Nick, they kiss and they spend the night together.



Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Strand: You sure about this?
Madison: I'm tired of running Victor

While I was beaten by the living, I was bitten by the dead.