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A man from the colonia named Francisco attempts to sneak out of the community with his wife and daughter. When his daughter asked why they must leave, he tells her that they are no longer safe there.

Francisco and his family are able to make it out of the colonia using infected blood as camouflage, however they are discovered by Marco, the mob leader who lets people take supplies from his market in exchange for drugs. Marco forces Francisco and his family into their truck and leave.

At the hotel, everyone attempts to adapt to their new lives after having the infected cleared in the previous episode. Madison, Elana and Oscar get the generator up and running to restor power to the hotel. Other members of the hotel fish while Hector teaches Alicia how to surf.

In one of the rooms, Madison, Strand, Alicia and Elana discuss keeping the generator off to conserve energy. Suddenly there is a knock on the door, and Strand is stabbed in the abdomen by Ilene when he opens it. Ilene blames Strand for having killed her walker daughter Jessica.

Oscar arrives with Andres, who has a medical background, to help Strand. He advises that Strand is losing blood quickly, and needs a special medication to save his life, since he is unable to perform a blood transfusion there.

Elana knows of a warehouse that will have the medicine needed to save Strand's life. Madison and Oscar offer to accompany Elana to retrieve the medicine.

During the trip, Elana explains that she attempted to get her nephew, Hector, to come along in hopes of convincing his brother Antonio to return with them. Apparently, Hector's brother chose his friends over his family and stayed behind while Elana and Hector moved on. Still hurt by Antonio's decision, Hector did not want to make the trip.

When the group arrives at the warehouse, it is revealed to be the same one run by Marco that Nick and Luciana have visited. Inside, Elana sees Antonio, who tells her that she should not have come.

Madison hears a commotion in the rear of the warehouse, where Marco is seen interrogating Francisco and his family for the location of the colonia. Madison asks Elana to translate the conversation, and she relays information that someone matching Nick's description has been making drug drops to the warehouse.

Madison rushes to the back of the warehouse and interrupts the interrogation. She pleads with Francisco to tell her where Nick is, however he and his wife are reluctant to say anything in fear of Marco also finding out the location of the colonia.

Madison and Elana are forced out of the warehouse, but not before receiveing the medicine from Antonio, who tells Elana to never return.

At night, the group arrives back at the hotel in time. Madison immediately heads to the roof to power up the generator to turn on the lights, in hopes that Nick will see the sign in the night sky.

Alicia convinces Madison to turn off the power, telling her mother that Nick made his choice and does not want to be found.

Travis is shown watching the hotel lights go out in the distance.

At the colonia, one of the outpost guards named Javier advises Nick and Luciana that Francisco and his family are missing. When the news reaches Alejandro, he feels betrayed that Francisco would up and leave without any notice.

Alejandro puts the entire community on lockdown and no one is allowed to leave. Nick argues that if they do not deliver the drugs to Marco, they will come looking for them. Alejandro is confident that they will never find their location. Luciana tells Nick that he must trust Alejandro, but Nick does not agree with the decision.

Later that day, Nick goes to speak with Javier at the outpost. He goes behind Alejandro and Luciana's back and convinces Javier to let him leave. They both agree that they will make their move at night.

Nick looks out from an elevated part of the colonia, looking at the horde of infected guarding the gates. He then finds that he is being watched, and that his fear has become a reality. Marco and his men have discovered the location of the colonia.

It is also revealed during the hour that Ofelia is alive and has fled the hotel. She visits a hotel and restaurant where she reminisces about her boyfriend's marriage proposal and a conversation with her mother.

Ofelia decides to leave Mexico, and drive back to the states.

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