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Two little kids are playing on the beach and swimmers are rising up as walkers right out of the ocean. There is a fence up keeping them from going too close to the water and keeping the walkers from coming closer. Weird.

The fence looked really old. Where the hell are they?

Madison is pissed at Nick for going into the water. He's still not giving up Chris. Travis found a log book from the sunken boat. San Diego is dead. The military burned it.

They all decide on a cove near a wildlife refuge. Strand not as willingly, but he does.

They pull up when they see a house blinking a light. Strand, Daniel and Ofelia stay behind.

Travis shouts out to the family, and a little boy named Harry runs out. His father, George comes out and Travis introduces himself.

George says they're bombing every city, but they burned San Diego. 

George's wife chats with Madison about being a guidance counselor and children. Their son Seth comes in.

Nick goes with Henry to his room to see his action figures, all figuratively shot in the head. That's what happens when they're sick. He tells Nick if the family takes special pills, they'll stay together.

George is talking about tribal customs.

Travis and Madison talk about how strange the family is, and Nick and Alicia follow up with a similar conversation. Nick says the kids are never going to have a normal childhood and how badly he feels for them. Alicia thinks it's the end times. Nick assures her it's not the rapture.

Chris helps Seth kill the shore walkers. Travis finds him and is disgusted. His son used to clean his room and all that stuff. George says it's the way it is now. He's mending fences. Literally.

Alicia walks around, looking at things.

Nick searches the house for the magic pills. Willa finds him and wants him to draw with her.

Melissa, meanwhile, turned on the light because she wants someone to take Willa and Harry. They won't survive there. They won't have a life. Melissa has MS and will eventually die. Travis doesn't think it's right and wants to talk to George.

Daniel is looking through the boat trying to get a read on Strand.

Nick tells Madison and Travis what he thinks -- George is planning on Jonestowning his entire family. They go to take the kids before they can get away, Harry comes downstairs to say something's wrong with Willa.

Willa took her pill. She's a little zombie. She eats her mommy. Nick grabs Harry and they run for the boat.

Meanwhile, Strand was talking to someone on the phone telling someone to move up their time table. He'll be there.

He's also very pissed when Madison and friends come to the boat with Harry in tow. No need to worry too long because Seth arrives, rifle pointed, and take Harry back. Zombie Melissa is walking up the dock. Everyone waves to Harry while Seth shoots her and they ride off into the sunset.



Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nick: Something is off here.
Alicia: Everything is off. Everywhere.

George: I feel lucky.
Travis: How so?
George: We had no idea what kind of hell might come off that boat. Now we have new friends.