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During their trip to the trading outpost, Madison and Strand discuss what could happen to their water deal with the dam now that they are unable provide weapons due to the fallout at the ranch.

Madison insists that at the very least they have Ofelia, which should satisfy Daniel.

While sitting on the back of the truck, Ofelia becomes lightheaded and falls onto the road. Luckily, Crazy Dog witnesses this and is able to get bring the truck to a halt.

Everyone rushes to Ofelia's aid and are horrified to discover that she has been bitten on the shoulder, due to her encounter with the infected in the air duct from the previous episode.

They make it to the trading outpost and attempt to conceal Ofelia's illness so they can be granted entry, knowing that she would be killed if anyone knew she is infected.

After they enter, they bring Ofelia to a bunker where she can rest. Strand reprimands Madison on how they not only don't have weapons to trade, but now they have a dying Ofelia to present to Daniel.

Madison later returns with medicine for Ofelia to help ease her suffering.

Nick returns from keeping an eye on Alicia and tells Madison that he was unable to convince her to come back with him. He tells his mother to get some air. While he watches over Ofelia, Nick finds the pain meds and ends up taking one of the pills.

Nick later approaches Troy and pressures him into drinking and taking the pills himself. As the evening progresses, the duo partake in even more drug use which causes Nick and Troy to hop over the outpost fence. Nick smears infected blood over Troy and himself as they go undetected by a group of infected.

That night with Daniel's arrival imminent, Madison and Walker wake Ofelia. Walker insists he go with them but Madison advises it is best for herself and Ofelia to be the only ones. Walker and Ofelia hug and say their goodbyes before leaving with Madison.

While waiting for Daniel, Ofelia tells Madison to tell her father that she loves him and that she was looking forward to getting to know him. Ofelia dies right as Daniel arrives.

In a panic, Madison attempts to explain the situation to Daniel but he gets enraged when he finds Ofelia, and tells Madison to leave before he kills her. As Madison walks away, Daniel puts a bullet in Ofelia's head.

Daniel approaches Madison the following morning after burying Ofelia and cooling off. He knows what happened was not her fault and invites her and the group back to the dam.

As they all gear up to leave, Nick tells Madison that he and Troy plan on remaining at the outpost for a while.

With Alicia on her own, she encounters a mysterious woman who steals some food that she found. She later tracks the woman down and after a brief standoff, both agree to share the food.

They talk throughout the night and get to know each other. The following morning the woman gets set to leave, but they both end up agreeing that they should form an alliance and work together as some infected approach.


Fear the Walking Dead
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