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On their way to the dam, Strand, Madison and Walker are slowed by a herd of infected in the middle of the road. Strand creates a diversion and they are able to drive the truck past safely.

They eventually come to an vacant lot. Strand chains up the gate behind him and has Madison and Walker follow him down manhole into the sewer.

Daniel and Efrain were on a water run to the locals, when one of their own is shot by the hostiles. They head back to the dam as Daniel attempts to convince Lola that they are in danger.

In the sewers, Walker questions Strand's ability on getting them through the tunnels.

Strand admits initially that he is lost and reveals to Madison that Daniel is alive, and at the dam. Strand soon figures his way out through a main drain. While crawling through the pipe, they find a bloated infected is blocking the way. Madison uses Walker's hatchet to dismember the infected in order to continue on.

While walking the perimeter of the dam, Daniel finds and shoots at Strand. Before Daniel can kill him, Madison emerges and talks Daniel out of it.

Madison reveals to Daniel that Ofelia is alive, but Daniel is hesitant to trust her since Strand lied about Ofelia previously.

Madison reveals their water issue and convinces Daniel to let them speak with Lola.

During the meeting, Lola is reluctant to help and tells them they can stay the night but must leave in the morning.

Feeling that Madison has failed him and lost their only chance at a water source, Walker leaves the dam and heads back to the ranch on foot.

Later on, Daniel has a conversation with Strand hinting that he would turn a blind eye with sabotaging the water truck, which Strand accomplishes.

With the water truck destroyed and Lola fearful that the hostiles were behind it, finally agrees to trade water for some of the ranch's weapons.

Madison convinces that they bring one of their other water trucks back to the ranch as a show of good faith, and they will meet at the trading outpost in five days to complete the weapons trade.

Lola asks that they bring Ofelia with them to the exchange so Daniel can see is daughter, to which Madison agrees.

On the drive back in the water truck, Madison and Strand find Walker and they all head back to the ranch together.

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