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Jake heads to the Black Hat Reservation to negotiate peace with Walker. Along the way, he finds out Alycia has been following him.

They both arrive to meet with Walker and Jake propses a parlay. During the meeting, Alycia notices Ofelia is part of Walker's group. Walker and Jake eventually appear to come to an agreement.

As part of the negotiations, one member of each group must stay with the other as a hostage. Jake suggests Alycia goes back to the ranch to convince Jeremiah of the proposition, while he stays behind. However, Alycia convinces Jake that he needs to be the one to sell Jeremiah on it, and he reluctantly agrees.

While Alycia stays behind, Walker shows her the helicopter that she and Travis were on, that they are attempting to salvage. He later shows Alycia a trailer full of relics, including Walker's great grandfather's remains, that he claims he dug up before Jeremiah built on his family's land.

At the ranch, Jeremiah convinces Nick to join the militia, Madison is at first against the idea, but Nick advises that his decision is to keep a closer eye on Troy.

When Jake arrives back at the ranch with Ofelia, Madison and Nick are initially apprehensive after she abandoned them at the hotel.

Madison is furious that Alycia was left behind with Walker, and secretly enlists Troy's help to put together a team for an extraction mission.

Jake's plea to his father falls on deaf ears, as Jeremiah has no intentions of sharing the ranch's resources with Walker in order to obtain peace.

Alycia is put to work while she is in Walker's community. At night while feeding the hogs, she is reluctantly rescued by Troy's men. Initially they avoid killing any of Walker's men, but when one of them spots them and attempts to run, Troy slits his throat and a fight ensues after the others are alerted.

They arrive back at the ranch and Jake is furious as any chance of peace has now been compromised, and Walker will retaliate.

The following morning, Jake leaves on his own to once again try and talk peace with Walker. This time Walker is not so welcoming, and almost scalps Jake before Ofelia convinces him otherwise.

Later that day, Jake and Ofelia are dropped off back at the ranch, both beaten. It is implied that Ofelia was ousted from the Walker's group.

That night, the militia along with Nick drink coffee while they prepare to stake out the ranch for any sign of an attack from Walker's men.

Later, as they stand guard by the perimeter of the ranch, they begin to become violently ill, vomiting and convulsing. As panic erupts on the ranch, the poisoned members begin to die and reanimate, and the ranch attempt to defend themselves.

Madison sees Ofelia attempt to escape, learning that she had something to do with what happened.

Madison, Nick and Alycia attempt to run after her, but Nick suddenly begins to convulse, having been poisoned as well.

Madison tells Alycia to stay with Nick as she continues to pursue Ofelia.



Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You're 200 years late for peace Jake...but just in time for lunch.


Alicia: How the hell did you get here?
Ofelia: It's a long story.