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Prior to Morgan meeting the Clark family, a flashback reveals what happened to the Clark family following the Season 3 finale, however there is still a lot of unexplained time gaps.

The Clark family has taken up residence in an abandoned baseball stadium that they call "The Diamond," which contains over 40 inhabitants. They have attempted to build it up into a community, including sleeping quarters, and crops. However, Nick has recently been having difficulty keeping their turnips from rotting in the ground. 

Madison interviews a little girl named Charlie who found their community after her own camp was attacked. Madison, Alycia, Luciana and Strand set out to investigate the camp and look for Charlie's family based on the information she provided them.

They make their way into a deserted town and split up, where Strand points out how odd it is that there are no walkers around. During their exploration, they come across more black flags with a number on  them that were seen in the previous episode.

Madison finds Charlie's camp, which shows evidence of there having been an explosion.

While Madison is distracted, a woman named Naomi sneaks up and holds her at gunpoint and demanding her keys to her vehicle. Madison discretely signals to Strand through the radio to alert them that she's in trouble.

Strand, Alicia and Luciana arrive and chase  her off.

Madison follows her up to the top of a tanker, but Naomi accidentally falls through the top and into the tanker that is infested with walkers. Madison jumps in to help her take them out. Strand and Luciana are able to open the hatch and drain the tanker. They all take out the remaining walkers and decide to bring Naomi back to their community, where she reveals that she used to be an ER doctor.

That night, a large group of vehicles approach the gates of The Diamond. One of the individuals lures the surrounding walkers into the back of a box truck and marks it with a black flag and number, similar to the one that was seen earlier. This group is revealed to be known as the Vultures.

Their group leader, Mel, introduces himself to Madison. While at first cordial, Mel eventually reveals to know a lot about Madison's group and the ins and outs of their community, including their crop issue. It's then revealed that Charlie, was a mole the entire time that the Vultures had sent to infiltrate The Diamond.

Mel demands that Madison's group turn over all of their weapons, equipment and everything else they have, but Madison refuses. Mel says that his group will simply wait for Madison's people to die and then take what's left.

In present time with Morgan, John and Althea have been captured by the Clark family. Luciana finds one of the numbered flags in the truck, leading them to believe that Morgan's group are part of the Vultures. Alicia asks Althea to take them to where they found the flag as they all drive off in the armored truck.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Nick: I have a turnip situation.
Luciana: Don't you get bored in here?
Nick: Yeah I do, it's great!

Madison: [to Alicia] I'm fine Nick. Tell your sister I'll be there in a little while.
Alicia: What?
Madison: Can anyone around here give me a courtesy laugh? I've survived out there on a lot less sleep.
Alicia: Yeah, and you were a lot crankier.