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Strand, Alicia and Luciana recount the events that lead to their altercation with the Vultures that changed everything.

In the past, the Vultures have been at the Diamond for over two weeks. Madison brings an idea to the group to venture further out and look for resources in places where the Vultures may have not hit up yet.

Strand and another member of The Diamond are ultimately unsuccessful, however Strand reveals that he secretly hid a stash of rations in a truck in order to look after himself should something go awry at The Diamond. This does not sit well with the other member and leaves Strand behind.

Nick and Luciana do not have any better luck and end up at a library where Luciana finds a book about different places in the southern United States. She offers Nick the idea of moving to the first place they find in the book.

Alicia and Naomi end up at a water park crawling with walkers. The two eventually locate a medical supply chest . When Alicia is distracted, she finds that Naomi has fled with the equipment. However, Naomi doesn't get very far. as the vehicle runs out of gas and Alicia catches up. Naomi reveals that in her experience as an ICU nurse, she has a good idea of who will and won't make it, and was afraid that The Diamond would not last and didn't want to be a part of that. Although reluctant, Naomi agrees to stay with the group.

Strand eventually returns to The Diamond with his hidden supply of food, much to Madison's delight.

In present time, Althea, John, Morgan arrive at a undisclosed location with Alicia, Luciana and Strand. Althea thinks it is a spot to bury Nick, but it's revealed to be a spot where an arsenal of weapons have been buried, with the intention to seek out and finish the Vultures.

Althea offers to go with them to help, but John and Morgan stay behind. While the group is loading up the weapons, John recognizes one of the bags that belonged to his girlfriend, Laura. It's revealed through a flashback that Naomi is really Laura the woman John had been searching for.

John asks about her whereabouts, and Luciana explains that she did not survive.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Althea: I don't understand. You stayed at the stadium, you fought for it. Why is that the day everything changed?
Alicia: We should have talked my mom into leaving.
Strand: I should have followed my gut. I should have kept that car a secret.
Luciana: We should have flipped to another page ... or should have found some place else to go.

It takes more than one bad afternoon -- or a good one -- to turn somebody.