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With the storm gaining strength, Alicia finds refuge in an old house. She encounters a few walkers that Alicia easily dispatches and dumps outside. As Alicia explores the house she takes all of the family's pictures off of the walls and throws them out of the house.
With the house cleared, Alicia goes to investigate a noise when she finds Charlie, having followed her into the house. Alicia tells her that she shouldn't have come here and Charlie runs off.
Alicia prepares to flee the house but is knocked unconscious. Alicia awakens back inside the house, with Charlie having saved her. 
Later on, Alicia finds Charlie saving the photos that were thrown out earlier. Alicia has Charlie help her board up the doors and windows, but the noise attracts attention from nearby walkers. The two head back into the house where Alicia finds that Charlie has a gun on her, the same one that she shot Nick with.
Alicia takes the gun and threatens to kill Charlie, but cannot bring herself to do it, and tells Charlie to leave. Charlie heads back to her room where she finds a walker impaled on a tree outside her window. She walks towards it but just before it is able to attack, Alicia saves Charlie.
That evening the two have a meal together where Charlie attempts to small talk. While she is reluctant to engage at first, Alicia eventually caves. 
The storm begins to worsen and begins tearing apart the house. The two run into the basement for cover but find that it is almost completely flooded. As they attempt to return upstairs, the house caves in, leaving them trapped in the basement. Alicia attempts to open the outside cellar door, but it is padlocked.
 As the water rises, Charlie confides in Alicia about having watched her parents turn and doesn't remember what they looked like before, which is why she had been saving the photos, should someone need them to remember someone. 
Feeling that tells Alicia to shoot her so that she doesn't end up like her parents, Charlie tells Alicia to shoot her, but Alicia cannot bring herself to do it. 
Suddenly, a loud clang is heard by the cellar door. Upon investigating, Alicia finds that the door chain has been broken and they escape. Alicia and Charlie notice a walker approaching them, which turns out to be the same walker that was impaled on the tree earlier and had fallen onto the door.
Alicia and Charlie make their way back to their friends, but upon their arrival, find that there is no one there. Alicia gives Charlie her weapon and tells her things will only get worse, as the two set out to search for the others.
Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I don't know if I want to kill you, I just know that I probably will.


My mom died saving me. Saving Nick, saving everyone. Because you led Mel and Ennis to the place we built. Because you lied to us. And then you shot my brother ... and I watched him bleed to death ... and I ... I couldn't do anything but watch him die. Watch him realize he was going to die. And it didn't happen fast. He was aware he was in pain, he knew you did it. He knew that the person he tried to save, killed him.