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In flashbacks, Nick burns all of the failed crops. He decides to go with Madison on a run to look for food, feeling that he has failed to provide for the community.

As they leave Mel advises that there isn't much left, insinuating that the Vultures have taken all there is to take in the area.

The Vultures always appear one step ahead of Madison and Nick as they approach a vacant house, but it is already being cleaned out by Ennis, one of the Vultures. Charlie comes out of the house, but avoids eye contact with Madison and Nick.

Ennis goads Nick, but Madison stops Nick before he can harm Ennis.

Madison and Nick later are relieved to come across blue bonnets, which can be used for soil enrichment to help regrow their crops.

In the present timeline, Nick, Luciana, Alicia and Strand hold Morgan, John and Althea hostage as they try and get them to lead them to where the Vulture flag was found. Althea is able to free hreself from her restraints and attacks Nick.

A scuffle ensues and the truck gets driven off the road and into a ditch.

Following the crash, Althea, John and Morgan flip the tables and tie up the others. Eventually, Althea decides to have them released as a form of goof faith so that they can work together on getting the truck out.


Nick succumbs to his injury and dies in Alicia's arms.

Fear the Walking Dead
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