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Morgan searches for Alicia during the hurricane. When he does not find her, he seeks shelter in the back of a semi which is stocked with food. Morgan spends the night in the back of the truck, but when he awakens the next morning he finds himself at a truck stop in MIssissippe.

Morgan enters a nearby convenience store to find shelves stocked with supplies. He's contacted on the radio by a friendly woman who tells him to take what he needs and leave what he doesn't.

Morgan takes a few items and encounters a woman named Sarah and a wheelchair bound man named Wendell. They tell Morgan that they are truck drivers who deliver boxes of supplies to numerous locations to help others in need.

When they tell Morgan that the hurricane on Texas was devastating, Morgan makes the decision to return to help his friends. Sarah and Wendell load up a car for Morgan, give him directions to a bridge and send him on his way.

When Morgan approaches the bridge, he second guesses going back and radios to Sarah, lying to her that the bridge is out and asks if they will take him to Virginia instead.

On his way to meet Sarah and Wendell, Morgan finds a man bound man named Jim in a field with a sack on his head trying to run away from walkers. Morgan saves him and gives him a ride. Jim reveals to Morgan that he makes beer and is hoping that when civilization is rebuilt, he will be a valuable asset.

When Morgan finds Sarah and Wendell, he is shocked to learn that they were the ones who tied up Jim, as they had planned on using him for their own needs. They then kidnap Morgan and force him to lead them to Alexandria.

When the semi gets stuck on the road, they begin to unload much of the freight in order to lighten the load. Jim accidentally knocks Morgan down a nearby embankment. As walkers quickly approach, Morgan climbs on top of a vehicle to keep the walkers at bay. Sarah asks for the directions to Alexandria, but when Morgan gives them to her, she leaves him for dead.

Morgan spends hours on the truck and confesses to himself that he decided not to go back to Texas because he feels that he cannot be the leader that Alicia and the group need him to be. Just when Morgan begins to lose hope, he finds one of the boxes from the truck next to a broken mile marker sign nearby.

Morgan manages to jump over the walkers, reach the sign and use it to dispatch the walkers.

The following morning, Morgan makes it back to the bridge that he approached earlier, only to find that Sarah and Wendell have returned, finding out the the directions Morgan provided were a lie.

Morgan convinces them that he will take them to Virginia, but that they will go to Texas first for his friends. Sarah and Wendell reluctantly agree. Along the way, Morgan has the group leave supply boxes near the road to help anyone else that might be in need.

Morgan attempts to makes a radio transmission to the real owner of the truck and telling them that they are heading to Texas to bring it back.

Elsewhere at another truck stop, a woman picks up Morgan's message and tells a restrained walker: "It looks like we're going to Texas."

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Wendell: All my life, people like you been using stalls for people like me. I never asked the question, but I'm gonna ask it now. Why?
Morgan: I'm gonna be honest, it always seemed like a little apartment.

Morgan: What is it? The code?
Sarah: You gotta help people when they need help.