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A man named Chuck reaches out to Grace and Morgan. He tells them that he is in an abandoned shopping mall. 

He says that he's dying and would like to be buried so he doesn't roam the earth as a walker. 

Dwight tags along with them, and when they arrive, it's clear there's something amiss. 

Dwight heads off to annoy one of Logan's men in a bitter battle. 

Grace faints and starts to wonder whether she's dying and the radiation has caught up with her. 

She goes on a mission with Morgan to get supplies and to get a scan, but she finds herself in mortal danger. 

She later realizes that she wants to leave and help people again and that it's been fun with Morgan. 

However, this comes after they open up to each other about their lives pre-apocalypse. 

Despite agreeing to leave with Grace, Morgan later decides against it. 

They find Chuck and bring his life to an end, later burying him so he can be at peace and in a resting place. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Dwight: So, we should go meet up with the others.
Grace: Where our caravan's going, we need everything we can find in this place.
Dwight: What if they find us?
Grace: No, they won't. We were careful. No chatter. No breadcrumbs.
Dwight: They might have heard the same message that brought us here.
Morgan: You think they're in range?
Dwight: I'm picking up Daniel's signal.
Morgan: Right.
Grace: So, we go?
Dwight: They're pretty pissed about the gas. I want to make sure we're standing if they're on their way here.
Morgan: If they're hitting truck stops, we're going to need everything that's in here more than ever.

Dwight: Did you bring something to tear my fingernails off with ... a pair of pliers maybe?
Man: I was thinking about your question. Gonna tell you the truth, I got no clue why Logan wants that gas, but he wants it and when you go that long without something, well makes you do even crazier things to get it. You can understand that, right Dwight?
Dwight: How do you know my name?
Man: Oh, come on now. Can't go a mile around here without finding one of those tapes y'all made. I gotta say, when I saw your part, I thought, I get this guy. He's all broken up over what eventually breaks us all.