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Logan arrives at the oil field and argues with everyone. He tells them that they can help him ... or die. 

He throws the notebook into the fire. 

John and June shoot to the oil field from a distance when walkers attack, and things get gnarly. 

Just when everyone is leaving, Sarah has an epiphany and tries to save Logan. He admits that he was wrong. 

But it's too late:

New villains appear in Virginia and things take an explosive turn when all of Logan's men are gunned down. 

The new woman says they can join her and her people because they can be mutually beneficial. 

But everyone complains that they are not that trustoworthy if they were working with Logan and turned on him. 

Luciana ultimately agrees to take some time away from everyone to help the new people work with the oil. 

Elsewhere, Alicia helps a woman who has already been helped by Wes. 

The woman says she was running from someone and other people. Alicia says she will be safe with them. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Wendell: What are you doing here?
Logan: You really have to ask?

June: We're here Alicia.
Alicia: Just got off with someone at one of our stops. They need help. What's your 20?
June: We're on our way to the oil fields. We think Logan might have found them.
Alicia: What? How?
June: We got it covered. Don't worry. We sent Charlie and David back to the convoy, but no one has heard from Grace and Daniel. We can't reach Morgan and Al.
Alicia: Yeah, they are out of range. We can't reach them either.
June: Help that person in the truck stop. We got this.