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Dakota is being transported, but the people transporting her are attacked -- and killed. 

With her missing, Strand worries about where she could be and reels in Alicia and Charlie to find her. 

Alicia enters a house and is attacked. She wakes up, restrained and finds her way out of the situation. 

Dakota is alive and the man says he only restrained her because he didn't know if she was bad. 

Charlie lurked in the shadows and said that the place had been boarded up. 

The man said it was because it was nightfall, but as the night went on, we learned that he killed his family. 

He changed parts of them. 

Morgan showed up and helped them kill the walkers after the man was mortally wounded. 

The trio decide to take Dakota away with them, but Strand says no and threatens to kill Alicia, but Morgan difuses the situation. 

Strand returns to Virginia empty-handed and has a lot to unpack, but Virginia tells him to bring everyone back from the gulch and reveals that Grace is alove and well, but imprisoned. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Strand: Alicia, what are you doing?
Alicia: I'm doing what you asked me to.

I want all of them -- all of them who were at the gulch.