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The gang arrives at the Holding and are desperate to meet Teddy.

His words are strewn across the compound and Wes realizes they need answers to be able to escape.

Wes is floored when his brother arrives after thinking he was dead.

Wes is blinded by his brother's words as the others try to get answers about what is happening.

Al and Wes find CRM-related things in his belongings, revealing that he attacked Tank Town.

Derek revealed he did and he agreed to leave with everyone, but Alicia realized something else was happening.

Wes had told his brother that Morgan was the new leader and before we knew it, the rest of the holding people said that they wanted Morgan.

Meanwhile, they are all held up and threatened with death, but the wind up in an embalming room, with everyone trying to escape. Alicia slashes all the walkers that are embalmed and tells everyone to leave.

She sets the compound on fire and wakes up with Teddy saying he is going to make her work for him.

He says she's lost, but she doesn't agree with him.

Fear the Walking Dead
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