June's Plan - Fear the Walking Dead
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It's the end of the line for everyone as Virginia realizes she needs to show off her power in a bigger way.

She rounds up Morgan's people, but she is exposed for her lies and all of the rangers turn on her.

Unfortunately, she escapes with Grace, forcing Morgan to bargain with her.

As the different factions start to close in on her, Morgan learns that she's Dakota's mother and made big decisions to keep her daughter safe.

In doing so, she tells Morgan he can kill her, but she won't let him make it slow.

He doesn't do it and makes a speech about starting this new community without bloodshed.

Ultimately, everyone agrees and Virginia retires to the property, and June offers to change her dressing.

She kills Virginia and leaves.

Everyone is shocked, wondering how they can navigate this new world and what it could mean for them.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Morgan: We've all had a talk and we're going to let you do what you have to do before you're going to take Dakota and leave. She doesn't need this place. She needs you.
Alicia: But if either of you show your face again--
Ginny: Oh, no, I get it. We're gone.

Ginny: You shouldn't give a leg what I have to say, but I reckon I owe you any number of apologies.
June: This has nothing to do with you. It follows me wherever I go, like some kind of punishment for my past. I had a daughter, her name was Rose. She was sick, I tried to protect her, and I ended up getting every survivor in my camp killed, so of course the love of my life is killed by someone's daughter they were trying to protect. In a way, it's exactly like I deserve.
Ginny: You were just trying to protect your kid. Just like I was.
June: Did you know, back at Lautin, with Cameron. Did you know what Dakota was capable of before? Did you protect her anyway?
Ginny: I would do anything for my daughter, June.
June: This is the gun Dakota killed John with. I didn't protect my daughter after she killed someone, I asked you a question before. Why did Dakota kill my husband? You said you didn't know. That wasn't true.
Ginny: No.
June: It was you, Virginia, you're the reason. You always were.
Ginny: No wait.
[June shoots Ginny in the head.]

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