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The episode opens with a flashback to the day TJ was born. In the present, Detective Giordano calls Dion and tells him to set up a meeting with the Tooth Fairy. Dion plays Marisa a voice message from Detective Giordano where he is threatening to kill the Tooth Fairy, and Marisa recognizes her father's voice. 

TJ gets ready for school with the gun that he stole from Aidan hidden in his dresser. The Tooth Fairy visits Ziggy in the hospital. Ziggy tells the Tooth Fairy that he's giving another lieutenant, Gekko, more responsibility over the business since the Tooth Fairy has allowed Dion and Detective Giordano to keep walking the streets. Aidan's doctor tells him that he's only going to get sicker if he can't get a bone marrow transplant from either Tommy or TJ. 

Tommy wants to know if Dion could have been TJ's father, but Dion insists that Rie was 100% sure that Tommy was the father. TJ's school counselor reminds him that Andre will be back in school the following day and asks him to tell her if he gives him any trouble. 

Marisa plays the incriminating phone recording for her father and tells him Dion is the father of her baby. Detective Giordano calls Dion, cancels the meeting with the Tooth Fairy, and apologizes to Marisa. 

Just as Pilar is about to finally confess that Oscar never existed, Tommy runs off. The Tooth Fairy confronts someone about being behind on payments. When he refuses to pay, the Tooth Fairy kills him and tells Gekko to clean it up. Tommy obtains a home paternity test. 

The Tooth Fairy remembers when Dion first started cooking for him at his old restaurant, and kissed him when he complimented him on his food. He goes to Dion and demands a third of the money he owes him as punishment for not accepting his job offer.

TJ takes the stolen gun to school. Aidan realizes that his gun is missing and goes to Thirio to tell Dion, revealing that he's been giving him shooting lessons. Dion runs out and tells Tommy, and they hurry to the school to stop TJ. When they arrive, they see that the police are already on the scene after someone alerted them to the presence of a gun. Turns out, TJ planted the gun in Andre's locker, and Andre is being carted away in handcuffs. 

Aidan and Tommy confront TJ about what he did. The Tooth Fairy captures Detective Giordano and kills him. Tommy tells Dion that he can come back and stay at the loft. The Tooth Fairy spies on them through the window. Tommy approaches sleeping TJ to take a DNA sample for the paternity test, but at the last minute he changes his mind. 

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

We don't have to whistle, or hum. It's not a daycare center.


You said from this far back you couldn't tell if it was Iggy Pop or Patti Smith, remember?