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Detective Giordano's body hangs in the warehouse where the Tooth Fairy killed him. Dion asks Aidan for money, but Aidan refuses to give it to him. Tommy asks TJ about attending the school art show. 

Ziggy scolds the Tooth Fairy for leaving Detective Giordano's body where it could be found. Marisa finds out that her father was murdered and confronts Dion. She reveals that Detective Giordano was her father and tells Dion she doesn't want to see him any more. Dion goes to Uncle Stavros and asks for help getting the money he owes the Tooth Fairy. Uncle Stavros has a big job lined up but refuses to let Dion get involved. 

The Tooth Fairy shows up at Thirio and tells Tommy that Dion owes him $600,000. Pilar shows up, much to the Tooth Fairy's surprise -- he didn't know this was the restaurant she managed. PIlar asks the Tooth Fairy how his unrequited romance is going and encourages him to step out of his father's shadow and pursue his dreams. 

Tommy confronts Dion about his motivations for opening Thirio, accusing him of doing it only for the money to pay the Tooth Fairy. Dion tells him that he had to do it or the Tooth Fairy would have killed everyone he cared about -- including Tommy. 

The Tooth Fairy asks Ziggy's nurse to authorize Ziggy's transfer back to prison despite her doubts over his health and safety. Pilar encourages Tommy to go into business with the Tooth Fairy.

Tommy offers the Tooth Fairy a 25% stake in Thirio in order to clear Dion's debt. Dion refuses and the meeting devolves into an argument, with the Tooth Fairy storming out. As he leaves he warns Uncle Stavros that Dion will die. Dion convinces Uncle Stavros to let him be part of his big job. 

The Tooth Fairy watches Ziggy get carted back to prison. Dion tells Tommy that he can't make TJ's art show -- he has to try and earn the money to pay the Tooth Fairy with Uncle Stavros. Tommy calls Pilar and asks her to come to TJ's art show with him as their first official date.

At the art show, Tommy tells Aidan that Dion got them tangled up with the Woichiks. Aidan tells him that if the Tooth Fairy breathes in TJ's direction, he'll kill him. The school counselor tells Tommy that Andre insisted he'd never seen the gun before, and asks if TJ was lying. Tommy covers for his son. 

Someone creates a gas leak in Thirio's kitchen. Meanwhile, Uncle Stavros and Dion stage a hold-up at a high-stakes poker game. One of the players is the Tooth Fairy, who follows them out firing a gun. 

Tommy and TJ come home, unaware of the gas leak. Dion walks in with the money he stole from the Tooth Fairy's poker game. TJ creates a disturbing flip book of the day Rie died. He relives the moment over and over, crying. Finally, he calls out for his father and tells him that Rie's death wasn't an accident.

Just then, Thirio's kitchen blows up. As it burns, Tommy remembers the day a pregnant Rie first showed him the space and her designs for the restaurant. 

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

When you finally carry out an order, you screw it up. My own son!

Ziggy [to the Tooth Fairy]

For once, Dion, you are not the center of the universe. Now, do you mind?