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Dion tells Tommy that TJ's bruises are from getting bullied at school, not from Aidan. Tommy confronts the school counselor, who asks him if there is violence in their home. Afterward, Dion and Tommy go to see Aidan and apologize for the fight that Tommy and Aidan had over TJ's bruises. Aidan tells them that he'll still invest in the restaurant, but it needs to open in four weeks.

Pilar offers to manage the restaurant--for free. Patrick visits Ziggy in jail and tells him about the restaurant. Dion refuses to run important decisions by Pilar despite her being the manager. He brings in a gang of his old friends to help him figure out the perfect menu.

Aidan offers to teach TJ how to defend himself at school, taking him down to the basement to train with a punching bag. Aidan starts coughing too much to hold the bag for him and has to be taken upstairs by his caretaker. 

Pilar confronts Dion about the expensive equipment he need. He has her taste the food to see the difference that quality cookware makes. Patrick demands a progress report on the restaurant and forces Dion to hide some cocaine for him. 

The group runs through Aidan's investment too quickly thanks to Dion's expensive tastes. Tommy wants to know how they can purchase quality wine for the restaurant without any money, and Dion suggests they rob Frank's wine warehouse. 

Pilar picks out some bargain wines for Tommy to try, but he is reluctant to give them a chance. He teaches Pilar the subtle science of wine tasting. The two of them kiss but immediately feel awkward, claiming that it is too soon for both of them to get involved with other people. Just then, Dion FaceTimes Tommy from Frank's warehouse to ask him what wines he should steal. Tommy reluctantly directs him to the appropriate wines to grab.

Tommy hears through the grapevine that Frank's security guard, Randy, got horribly injured in the robbery and grows furious with Dion. DIon accuses him of being a hypocrite for condoning robbery but not violence. Patrick visits Ziggy in jail only for his father to get murdered in front of him behind the glass. Aidan shows up and announces that another man is going to be the restaurant's head chef, telling Dion that the contract they signed allows him to do this. 

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

One is made with Tommy's skillet from Kmart and the other is made with a seven hundred dollar pan. I am calling this a teachable moment.


Let's see who's next in the magical book of investors, shall we? No, no, and no.