A Safe Haven - Filthy Rich
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Rose takes Ginger and Tina to the family home to hide out from the men after her. But Margaret arrives with all the board members and their wives. Tina and Ginger hide in the attic.

Tina tells them that the men are the ones after her and that they're dangerous. When she tells Ginger the story of how they paid her to seduce Eugene to blackmail him but she eventually fell in love and they came after her and Ginger. Rose realizes that her uncles are monsters.

One of the wives seemingly hits on Mark.

Antonio's mother comes to the house and causes a scene.

The men tell Eric about their secret club called 18:20 and how they're a powerful group who wants him to join. Margaret is annoyed that they keep talking business without her and Paul threatens her that they're planning a hostile takeover. She negotiates a deal with them that later costs her part of her show.

Mark plans to leave not wanting to be another man to disappoint Rose but they end up having sex.

Eric tries to have sex with Becky but she rejects him and makes him feel stupid he gets closer to Rachel.

Eugene is arrested, gets punished, leaves, then shows up at the house. He overhears Margaret praying about how he hurt her do many times. He goes j side when the place is empty and sees a drunk Tina. Rhey share a moment and he leaves.

Filthy Rich
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Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Paul: People like your mother put their faces out there. See ... real power is invisible. 
Virgil: Eugene forgot that.
Townes: But you won't will you, son?

Tina: Ginger, we have to go.
Rose: Oh no, it's fine. Mama can never have too many houseguests. 
Tina: It's not her, it's the men.
Rose: I've known them all my life.
Tina: And I knew them since before you were born. If they find me here, they're going to kill me.