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Kyle's funeral was a week ago and Gabe is looking forward to getting his life back. 

Lori petitioned the court to stand trial and was granted it. Her defense attorney is going to try to prove that she was Carter's legal parent and therefore the kidnapping was merely a misdemeanor and she might get custody of Carter, as well.

There's another house where kids can hang out without parents. This time Taylor can clean. Sweet!

Bird's parents are back, so Max heads back to his old apartment. He and Taylor share a kiss inside the bare walls. 

David's name is first on Lori's witness list. Carter knows it's what Lori has wanted all along -- to humiliate her parents for taking Carter and Taylor away from her.

Carter meets with Lori and asks her to take the plea deal, assuring her she will do everything in her power to put her away, and their relationship will never be the same. 

Carter warns Grant he might hear things about their parents in the trial. He's okay with that and knows they'll try to defame his parents. He's learned things as the captain of mock trail in Jr. High. OK, not really. He learned it from The Good Wife.

Elizabeth just wants to get the kids through the trial. She doesn't even care what comes out anymore, as long as they come through it anymore. David wonders how things are going, especially at the station. He can talk to her about Kyle if she wants. As we thought, Elizabeth asks David about Gabe staying with them. David is okay with it if that's what she needs.

Damon also offers for Gabe to stay with him and his mom, and Gabe admits it probably hasn't hit him that his dad is dead yet as he imagines him walking through the door. Then Gabe doesn't want Damon to drop by again.

Taylor and Max reconvene at his apartment. She's not ready for tomorrow. He's there for her. Always. She knows that.

Elizabeth goes to see Gabe, who is swilling down beer. She's bringing him Kyle's things and he's pretending he's okay. He's not. Now we know why he wanted to be a part of their family so badly. After looking through his father's box, Gabe decides to go stay with Damon.

At trial, Lori is dressed like an 80 year old school secretary with a patterned blouse, a cardigan and a pencil skirt below the knees.

Madison appears to be going home. Thank God.

Carter decides to use her legal name of Carter Wilson. She meets a dude outside in the hallway at court. Since she's using her real name, the guy doesn't know who she is, but he's no doubt going to be Lori's son.

The defense forces Carter to say she still loves Lori and then they introduce Ben Wallace. He's Lori's son. With David. Load of crap. 


Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Carter: You are not my mother. Elizabeth Wilson is my mother.
Lori: That's for the jury to decide.

As the captain of the Jr. High mock trial, can I give you a tip?