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Taylor is being irresponsible and not paying attention while driving. She's texting and wrecks the car.

Taylor asks Carter if she thinks she will be tested for drugs. When the police arrive, Carter takes the fall.

Grant's eating breakfast when Kyle walks into the kitchen to hug Elizabeth. Kyle left his phone and Grant puts it in the dishwasher.

Abby has set up an appointment for Taylor to meet with Yale. 

Carter wants Max to talk to Taylor. He also promises to fix the car. Considering the damage, it seems impossible he can do it in one day.

Tay learns tomorrow is the application deadline for the Yale summer program and all she has is an outline. She's so irresponsible. So she takes another pill.

Elizabeth wonders what's up with Kyle's phone. Grant snarks about her marriage and says he's getting his material from his therapist that Gammy has been taking him to.

Carter agrees to help Tay with her school expo and is surprised the checklist is the size of the NYC phone book. 

Bird walks in on Gabe and Abby making out. Bird has words for Gabe.

Carter gets some help and Damon is a real sweetheart.

Max tries to talk to Taylor, but it doesn't go as well as Carter hoped it would. 

Elizabeth and David talk about mothering Taylor and Elizabeth's mother. David is supportive of Elizabeth and all she did for Taylor growing up, Grant too.

Abby and Gabe leave school together.

Bird turns the thing into a drinking party. Taylor comes in angry and wonders what's going on. She sends everyone home.

Grant is angry to learn that Elizabeth has been spending part of her time away from home at Kyle's.

Taylor finished the expo by herself and is in the bathroom by herself when Carter finds her. Everything is great, and she has so much, but she doesn't feel any better. She wonders what is wrong with her. 

Elizabeth gets a call at work that Grant never made it to school.

Kyle is at the school with Abby. Damon says he just heard that she's been sleeping with a student. Gabe seriously blames Bird for calling the police, saying Abby had her pegged.

Gammy calls Grant and he picks up immediately. Elizabeth cannot believe it. 

Carter thinks she's a terrible sister but Max assures her she's a great sister. 

Gabe learns Abby's fiance turned her in. Kyle tells Gabe she was laughing over the idea of sleeping with a student. Kyle asks Gabe to hang out later since he's kind of dropped the ball being a dad.

When Elizabeth learns what happened to the girls, Carter gets grounded and Taylor says it's very unfair. 

Grant wanted to just get away. Elizabeth apologizes about Grant not getting all of the information and promises they will do better from now on. Grant says he wants to move in with grandma and grandpa.

Gabe apologizes to Bird and reveals he really liked Abby. 

Carter has a pile of letters from Lori that she decides to share with Taylor. She realizes that all of this Taylor stuff started when they learned about the egg donor stuff. They dance.



Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You call, you whine, I come.


Bird: If it were me, and Abby were a guy, would you be OK with it?
Gabe: Of course, because I know you're a grown person and you know what you're doing.