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Carter blurts out the big secret to Taylor.

Taylor's pissed off.

David and Elizabeth put their rings back on, and discuss the logistics of ending the separation.

Taylor, Max, and Carter hash it out.

Elizabeth and David are psyched about SAT scores. Taylor tries to get out of family dinner. 

Carter tries to explain, but Taylor blows her off.

Crash shows up.

David and Elizabeth invited him. Crash is invited to dinner.

After catching up with Carter, Elizabeth fills Crash in on his uncle.

Elizabeth leaves to break things off with Kyle. She tries to let him down gently, but he's very upset.

Crash apologizes to Carter for the trouble with his uncle, who is watching the two in the parking lot.

The Wilson family dinner is turning out to be more than a little awkward.

Gabe is glad about the breakup, and immediately sets Kyle up on Tinder. 

Crash fills everyone in on boot camp. Max makes toast to Taylor, prompting her to leave the table.

Taylor demands details from Max, but he refuses, instead telling her how it was just an old habit.

Taylor vindictively tells Crash about Max and Taylor on her way back from the bathroom.

David broke up with Hillary by text. 

Crash and Carter talk about how she and Max ended up sleeping together. He takes it better than Tay.

Crash's uncle is waiting for him back at the hotel, with a henchman and a gun. He essentially takes Crash hostage.

Crash calls Carter to say goodbye before his uncle forces him to leave.

David and Elizabeth tell Taylor about their reconciliation, leading her to own realization.

Carter questions the desk clerk about the men Crash left with.

Taylor visits Max and talks to him about her parents and telling Crash.

Carter finds Crash's smashed phone and calls Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Kyle show up to the hotel and send Carter home. 

At the house, Carter finds out that David and Elizabeth are together.

Kyle and Elizabeth review security footage and start tracking Crash and Shay.

Taylor forgives Carter and apologizes for telling Crash.

Kyle requested a transfer because he's still in love with Elizabeth. They locate the car Shay stole, and approach. A chase and a shootout follow; Kyle is shot taking down Shay. 

Elizabeth and Crash try to save Kyle. 

Crash shows up at the house, and he and Carter work things out. 

Elizabeth arrives home, and shares the news that Kyle died.



Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Taylor, my best friend was really hurting and she and I did something that we used to do whenever life got messed up, okay? It's a leftover from a long time ago when everything was different for the both of us. But you gotta believe me, hurting you was the last thing I ever wanted to do.


David: I texted back "Call me" and she texted back "O-M-G G-T-H."
Elizabeth: *confused look*
David: "Go to hell." I know. I wouldn't say it's so much of an age difference is the big problem, it's more like an entire cultural revolution.
Elizabeth: How did you even know what it was?
David: Looked it up.