L - Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14
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Gabriela practices CPR, but the results are less than satisfactory. Jake and Eve share with her their stories of the first person they lost in the field. Jake prepares for his first date with Cara.
Vince prepares to grace the annual fair as the grand marshall. They talk about where things are with the donor team.
Rebecca hits on Bode, but he turns her down. She is annoyed he's still hang up on Gabriella.
Bode expresses nervousness over attending the fair. During the fair, someone from high school makes a fuss.
Rebecca is annoyed by Bode.
Cara and Jake talk about his sketchy dating past.
A ride in the fair malfunctions and over speeds. Controls fail to work.
Debris starts flying everywhere, and a stampede occurs.
In the absence of Chief Leone, Manny takes the reigns.
The team sets up a trauma center. On seeing the injuries, Gabriella freaks out and calls Cara to help. She leaves.
Eve and Manny crash when she gives an order to a member of his crew.
The team learns of a missing kid. The controller gets trapped while injured.
The ride stops, and rescue begins. Gabriella freezes when a patient crashes.
The team learns the kid sneaked into the ride and was thrown off when it sped up.
Gabriela reveals the source of her anxiety to Sharon.
Manny and Eve make up after she reveals that her intentions were not nefarious.
Bode and Rebecca find Jamie -- the missing kid. He is suffocating from his asthma, but Gabriela saves him.
Manny invites Eve to three rock to shadow him for a day.
Cara agrees to give Jake a second chance.
Rebecca and Bode agree to remain friends.
Jake reveals to Sharon that the donor team has approved him for the transplant.
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