L - Gabriella Saves Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 8
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The episode opens a week after the bridge rescue. An investigation is being done about the rescue.
Vince is up first.
In flashbacks, we see the events of the week prior.
Gabriella dives after Bode.
Jake and Manny are also interrogated about their relationship with Bode and Gabriella.
During Eve's turn to be interrogated, we learn that the investigator was Eve's training agent.
Eve was also written up for breaking protocol and questioning her superiors.
Gabriella finds and pulls Bode out of the water. She resuscitates him. They find themselves miles downstream.
The investigator digs deep. She questions why Bode got into the program and how he's gotten away with so much, including punching a firefighter.
Bode's mom asks Manny, who wants to come clean to the investigator, not to.
While trekking, Bode and Gabriella find the driver who caused the accident.
Sharon comes clean about asking Manny to let and keep Bode into the program to the investigator.
Search and rescue prepare to find Bode and Gabriella. They try to get the driver moving to get her to safety.
Meg (the driver) clocks that something might be happening between Bode and Gabriella.
Against Vince's wishes, Manny decides to start a fire scheduled for later to get Bode and Gabriella find them faster as it gets darker and colder.
Bode and Gabriella's situation gets complicated after Meg's leg starts swelling due to a bone fracture.
Gabriella and Bode decide to cut her leg to relieve the pressure and get the blood flowing.
They spot the fire Manny and the firefighters lit.
The investigator proves she's on their side by giving Freddy a narrative to run with.
Gabriella passes out, forcing Bode to make a choice between saving her and Meg. He decides to save her first and come for  Meg later.
He carries her to where the firefighters are and they try to save her from secondary drowning.
Meg dies from internal bleeding. Gabriella survives.
The investigator writes down Eve's write-up and gives recommendations.
She recommends Bode takes the fall for the death of Meg. His would be the smallest loss to the department.
Vince tries to get Meg's parents not to sue for her death.
Jake and Gabriella check in on each other.
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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Jake: Bode's always been a lose cannon. I should have had him sent back to prison when I had the chance.
Investigator: How would you have done that?
Jake: It doesn't matter now. I didn't report him back then and I'm not gonna do it now.

Eve: Gabriella, what are you doing?
Manny: No! No! No! That's my daughter. No!