L-Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 7
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A gas leak nearly injures Bode, but he is okay. He meets a new firefighter -- Rebecca.
Gabriella learns she has a bad credit score when she tries to buy a house.
Jake's mom comes to visit and reveals that Jake said that they were moving in together.
Gabriella and Jake respond to a call. They take about her credit score. While on the call, they discover that there are many more casualties.
The inmate firefighters are in trouble when something valuable goes missing.
Division is bound when the inmates start arguing about who stole the watch. Bode gives them a pep talk on how and why to look out for each other.
Jake's and Bode's mom chatted about her diagnosis.
Bode learns that the item that was stolen was the watch he found.
Jake and Gabriella lead rescue efforts for victims of CO poisoning.
Bode's and Jake's moms try to ease the situation by offering to replace the lost watch, but the lady who reported it stolen doesn't go over as planned.
Bode threatens Manny that he will fess up to having stolen the watch unless Manny admits to having stolen it.
The watch is found by Lilly, Sharon, and the lady who reported it stolen.
A victim dies after being rescued. This shakes Gabriella up.
Sharon agrees to take Lilly's help.
Manny resorts to gambling to get out of his money troubles.
Rebecca flirts and makes out with Bode.
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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sharon: You just ordered an iced tea instead of a rosé. Who told you that I'm sick?
Lilly: Shouldn't the question be: why didn't you tell me? It's nonsense.

We stand together whether we're fighting a fire or get thrown into one.