L - Bode's Parole - Fire Country
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Bode tries to convince Manny that he hasn't been using. Manny tells him that his job is to convince the parole board now.

Eve wakes up in bed with a mystery woman. Gabriela walks in, announced, but after she leaves, the woman also leaves hurriedly.

Cara learns that Jake and Bode will be rooming together, making her uncomfortable.

Eve talks to Jake about the events of the morning with Mel.

Cookie shows up at Edge Water a day earlier than the wedding day. When the rain stops outside, the hill comes down as a mudslide and runs through Cookie's cabin.

Three Rock and Station 42 rush to the rescue and look for survivors.

A man has lost his son and husband. Jake and Eve attempt to find them.

Sharon collapses during the rescue operation and is rushed to the hospital.

Freddy sees Cookie's friend and learns she and the baby are missing.

Freddy finds Cookie and Janey, but Cookie is stuck in the mud.

Luke and Sharon inform Vince that Luke is a kidney match for Sharon.

Jake and Eve find the fridge Dylan's dad hid him in.

As Freddy and Bode try to dig Cookie out, Eve and Jake try to pull Dylan out of the fridge.

A secondary mudslide occurs, and they try to shelter or secure themselves before they are swept away.

Cookie is pulled out of the mud, and Dylan out of the fridge.

Mel introduces himself to Bode and reveals she is investigating him for drugs. She gives him an ultimatum. He confesses, and she lets Freddy appeal through.

Cara reveals that she once delivered a secret baby, and Bode might be the father.

During his parole hearing, Bode confesses to dealing drugs and is returned to prison.

Freddy is released.

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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Bode: It has to be Sleeper, man. He told me that our beef was not over.
Manny: Can you tell me how a dude in prison could orchestrate a drug test swap her in camp because I'm having a real hard time understanding what that looks like.
Bode: He obviously has a foothold here. Could have been one of his guys.

You think donating a kidney is gonna erase what you did?