Gabriela treats a patient - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10
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As the season winds down, everyone has a lot going on. Gabriela is struggling between marrying Diego and kissing Bode during the campaign fire. Her dad is still missing, and she told her mom not to come to the wedding.

Eve gets a job offer from Luke to work in Sacramento. Jake is considering a move from firefighter to fire investigator.

As Bode leaves the prison camp, all of the inmates say goodbye. Sharon and Vince show up to take Bode home with a special guest. Freddy is back.

Bode meets everyone at the local bar, including a guy from high school who got him into drugs. Rick offers Bode a job in construction. Diego drops by with a donut from Gabriela, who doesn't show up.

The next day, at the fire station, Eve tells Jake and Gabriela about her job offer. Bode shows up looking for a purpose, while Vince struggles to remain on the sidelines after heart surgery.

While Bode and Vince bond over cleaning a fire truck, Manny sneaks into the station to get something from his locker. He almost gets caught by Sharon and Luke.

Bode decides to take the job with Rick despite their past. They're repairing a hospital that turns into a dangerous fire call situation.

When a dumpster bursts into flames that catch the building on fire, Bode jumps to the rescue of a young boy trapped in a burning room.

Station 42 arrives and learns that Bode is the civilian trying to save someone without protective gear. After Bode gets the boy to safety, he confronts his boss about the accident.

Back at Three Rock, Eve considers her job offer. Cole comes in and gives her a new perspective about being Captain at the fire camp.

Freddy tries to convince Bode that he has to stop Gabriela's wedding. Bode almost does it, but he runs into Manny at the church, who tells him that he's never seen Gabriela this happy.

Bode changes his mind about confessing his feelings to Gabriela. He sits in the audience until the wedding begins. Then he leaves the room.

Eve runs into Luke and turns down the job offer in Sacramento. Then Sharon tells Luke that she's taking her job back.

A police car shows up at the church to get Manny, but Sharon and Vince get them to wait until he's walked Gabriela down the aisle before they arrest him.

Instead of going to the wedding, Jake has milkshakes with Gene. He runs into Rick and apologizes for his assumptions about Rick's sobriety. Rick tells him he's in town to meet his little girl, a daughter he thinks he shared with Cara.

Bode asks Luke to pull strings to get him a job as a real firefighter now that he's out of prison.

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Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Eve: You're going to need these.
Bode: Couldn't have done it without you, Captain.
Dispatch: Vegetation fire. Three Rock.
Eve: What, you a little jealous?
Bode: A little bit.
Eve: Your ride's here.

Jake: Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. Die?
Sharon: No. No, no, no, no. The procedure went great. And it's curative. I'm just -
Jake: Afraid he could die at work, because we all could at any minute on the job.
Sharon: That one.
Jake: Yeah. Gene is too. I mean, she tenses up every time that I leave for work. I don't know if I can keep leaving her.
Sharon: You're not thinking about quitting?
Jake: No, no, no, no. I was -- I don't know -- I was thinking more of the inspector route.
Sharon: Oh, okay. So Superman is going to become Clark Kent full time.