After the Flight of the Conchords hit a new low point with only one fan showing up to their latest gig, Murray tells the boys it's because they don't look cool enough.  Murray gives them some hair gel and the guys go nuts.  After rocking their new punk rocker looks, the Conchords have a very successful gig.  Unfortunately the guys eventually run out of gel and are unwilling to leave the apartment.  Murray promises to pick them up gel but leaves them stranded fo rdays.

Meanwhile, Murray is busy working with the Prime Minister of New Zealand to create a New Zealand Town between Little Italy and China Town in NYC.  They manage to set up a 1 block long mini-city that the Prime Minister gives a tour of himself via a 30 second bus ride.    The guys don't show up to the their gig at New Zealand Town and Murray goes to grab them.  He tries to convince them it wasn't the gel, but rather their confidence.  They go on stage to perform at New Zealand Land and it runs out it was their gel.

Flight of the Conchords
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Flight of the Conchords Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Woman [to Dave at New Zealand Town information booth]: What language do you speak here?
Dave: Um, we pretty much make it up as we go along. That's why the people from there are so hard to understand

Murray: Greg, I need some anti-glue.
Greg: What is anti-glue?
Murray: It's anti-glue, it gets rid of glue.
Greg: I don't think that exists Murray.
Murray: Well, just get it, okay?