The Prime Minister of New Zealand was in visiting and Murray was in charge of his agenda.  Murray tried his best to get the Prime Minister a meeting with the President of the United States, but when he failed, he put Bret and Jermaine inc harge of giving the Minister a cultural tour of New York.  In a desperate attempt, Murray and Bret took the Prime Minister to Washington D.C. where they wen ton a tour of the white house and tried to get a "chance meeting" with the President.  When that failed, Murray hired a Barack Obama-impersonator to show up and take pictures with the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Murray got the Conchords a paying gig ($50 each!) as a Simon and Garfunkle tribute band.  The guys had to dress up as Simon and Garfunkle and put on an absolutely terrible performance.  However, a Garfunkle obsessed fan ends up taking Jermaine on a date.  She makes him dress up in his Garfunkle wig and he sleeps with her.  Eventually we find out she used to date the real Art Garfunkle who makes an appearance playing himself and gets back together with his crazy ex.

Flight of the Conchords
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